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What to Expect During Plastic Surgery

August 18, 2014

When you think of any type of surgical procedure, you probably envision being “knocked out” with general anesthesia. It might surprise you to learn that Dr. John Lee is able to perform all plastic surgery at his office near Philadelphia using local anesthetic. Instead of rendering the patient unconscious, local anesthesia simply numbs a small ... read more

Juvederm® a Safe Solution for Facial Rejuvenation

August 11, 2014

Many patients seeking a “touchup” to reduce signs of aging gravitate toward facial fillers. These minimally invasive treatments have become popular due to their long-lasting results, but which one is most effective? At his Philadelphia office, Dr. John Lee only uses safe, reversible fillers such as Juvederm®. The established safety and effectiveness of Juvederm® makes ... read more

Benefits of Eyelid Surgery

By admin
August 4, 2014

The popularity of blepharoplasty now exceeds that of the more famous facelift, with more than 215,000 eyelid procedures performed last year. If you’d like to find out how eyelid surgery could benefit you, Bryn Mawr surgeon Dr. John Lee can answer your questions. In any kind of interaction, everybody will mainly focus on the eyes. ... read more