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Upper Eyelid Surgery (Upper Blepharoplasty) in Philadelphia

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Upper Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty) is a procedure performed by Oculoplastic Surgeon Dr. John Lee, to correct eyelid droop and improve your overall facial appearance. Dr. Lee ONLY performs eyelid surgery and adjacent facial areas. He has performed thousands of eyelids and facial plastic surgery procedures to date! View more Before and After photos of Dr. Lee's Upper Eyelid (Blepharoplasty) Surgery patients and you will see the difference between the expertise of general cosmetic surgeons and a surgeon who ONLY operates on eyelids and brows.

Why Visit Dr. Lee For Upper Eyelid Surgery

Since the eyes are such a focal point of the facial area, the slightest mistake in removing too much or too little skin can result in a drastically different appearance. That is why Dr. John Lee is so passionate about performing this procedure and providing the best surgical outcome for his patients in Philadelphia.

Expectations After Surgery

After surgeries, patients sometimes report a feeling of tightness around the eyes and some blurriness of vision. This is usually due to swelling and dryness due to difficulty in closing and opening your eyelids after surgeries due to swelling. These effects should subside quickly. Recovery time varies with each individual. However, the most visible swelling will subside in 2-3 weeks and will become more natural in appearance after 2-3 months. Most patients return to work one week after surgery- still swollen but able to see and function normally. Dr. Lee expects his patients to return to our office 9-10 days after surgery to remove sutures and to evaluate the patent's healing.

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Facts About Eyelid Surgery

Upper Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty) takes less than one hour and can be performed both in a outpatient surgery center in or in our office surgical suites. Patients can save money by electing to have the procedures performed in our surgical suite at no additional cost. Dr. Lee prefers to perform surgeries under local anesthetic since this procedure requires minimal sedation. The incision is made in the eyelids crease and is well-hidden. Many people mistakenly believe that the surgeon should remove as much skin during surgeries as possible. Removing too much skin will result in incomplete closure of the eyelids and increasing exposure and dryness of the eyes. Also, removing too much fat will result in a sunken and hollow look which is not aesthetically pleasing, especially as one ages. Commonly, in many cases, removing too little lids skin will result with very little visual change.

Benefits Of Upper Eyelid Surgery

You will have a more youthful and refreshed appearance. Your loose skin and sagging bags under your eyes will disappear. With patients with excessive eyelids skin, the removal of excess skin will drastically improve their vision. The best result is when the patient has a natural and refreshed appearance after upper eyelid surgery. This is achieved with removing just amount of skin and fat. Knowing what to remove and what not to remove only comes with experience. Dr. Lee is very confident in his ability and experience to deliver the best results for his surgeries patients. Surgeons who are not confident nor experienced with this procedure will rightfully tend to remove less skin then needed for optimal result. They are wisely worried about eyelid closure and dryness issues.

Factor To Consider When Performing Eyelid Surgery:

  • Amount of eyelid skin to be removed
  • Lid crease height and shape of eyelids
  • Eyelid height
  • Brow height
  • Quality of the eyelid skin
  • Amount of orbital fat around the eyelids
  • Shape of the orbital bones
  • Shape of the face
  • Health of the eyes

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