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Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty) Costs in Philadelphia

Facial Cosmetic Surgery in Main Line, Philadelphia

Dr. Lee is a renowned oculo facial plastic surgeon who has performed over 12,000 eyelids/brow/facial surgeries. Patients have traveled from Australia, Europe, Asia and all around the U.S. to seek his expertise.

This is an overview of costs related to eyelid surgery and facial cosmetic surgery. **A  $100 (non-revision and general) or $150 (revision surgery) NON-REFUNDABLE deposit will be collected to schedule your appointment with Dr. Lee (there is no deposit required  for our other providers). This fee assures that everyone that Dr. Lee sees is serious about having a procedure and understands that they are paying for his time and expertise. **This fee is non-refundable and can be applied toward any non-surgical treatment with Dr. Lee or our medical estheticians for up to one year as long as you do NOT cancel or reschedule within 48 business hours of your appointment. If you do cancel your appt. within this time frame, you will forfeit your deposit and will have to pay another deposit to reschedule your appointment.  

  • Upper Eyelid Surgery (blepharoplasty - excess eyelid skin removal with crease fixation) cost consists of removal of excess eyelids skin AND crease modification/creation:
    •  $6000 (blepharoplasty or excess skin removal with modification or creation of a new crease due to pre-existing asymmetry or low brow anatomy); this is what sets Dr. Lee apart from other providers, the extra level of meticulous detail. Dr. Lee typically performs the crease fixation procedures for patients with noticeable brow asymmetry, multiple creases/folds or lack of visible crease to provide a cleaner and defined result after removing excess skin and fat (if needed).
  • Lower Eyelid Surgery cost, to resolve "baggy and puffy" lower lids *this is Dr. Lee's MOST POPULAR PROCEDURE:
    • $6000 (fat removal only; performed from inside eyelids; no visible scar; permanent result; minimal recovery); procedure takes approx. one hour in the office to complete. ADD ON: $3500 add'l for skin tightening if needed(noticeable incision scar on outer lower lids which is visible for 3-6 months)
    • $6000 (skin tightening of loose and stretched lower lids skin WITHOUT fat removal); there is a visible scar on the outer corners of the lower lids that can take up to 6-9 months to be minimally visible; Dr. Lee's method achieves optimal tightening without the risk of the pull down or retraction complication that is associated with aggressive lower lids skin tightening
  • Asian Crease  / Double Eyelid Surgery cost:
    • $6000 suture method; no skin or fat will be removed; this method is ONLY appropriate for eyelids with minimal fat, good brow and eye shape symmetry since no excess skin is removed; this procedure has much more quicker recovery time and there is no visible incision scar after the surgery; however, this method does have a higher rate of coming undone. Dr. Lee will recommend this method only to patients that have the optimal anatomy to maintain the crease long-term.
    • $6000 full incision method;  every individual has different eyes anatomy from their right and left eye- eye shape/size, skin thickness, brow height/shape, eyes/orbit socket, eyeballs protruding more on one side then the other, all these differences contributes to the complexity of this surgery; ***patients are told explicitly that this procedure does NOT correct one's pre-existing eyes asymmetry/anatomy, this crease just places a crease above their eyelids and must follow the contour of their eyelids. There is a misconception that one can choose the height and shape of their crease. One's unique anatomy determines the optimal crease height.
  • Epicantholplasty Surgery cost (also known as Medial Canthoplasty, elongates the eye by incision and reshaping the inner corners of the eye near nasal area)
    • $3000 for bilateral; this procedure allows the crease to be more visible in the inner corners and elongates the shape of the eyes; there is a visible scar that can be visible for up to one year; and if one looks at their skin very closely, one may see the scar permanently
  • Lateral canthoplasty Surgery cost (elongating  and also opening the eyes with an incision at the outer corners of the eyes; this procedure releases the "cinched" outer corners and allows the upper eyelids to open more and create a more alert appearance):
    • $3500 (based on desired effect of the procedure); the scar can be visible if scrutinized closely even after one year; this procedure helps to elongate the eyes at the outer edge, near the temples
  • Revision Eyelid Surgery: *varies depending on difficulty; Dr. Lee is very selective when performing revision surgery performed by other doctors;
    • pricing is usually at least 150-200% of standard price; we can not quote prices over the phone since these procedures are very uniquely different and requires a very high level of difficulty
  • Dr. Lee's Suture Browlift Surgery cost (Dr. Lee's signature surgery that he invented which is performed with only local anesthesia in the office with minimal recovery; the least invasive brow lift procedure surgery available WITHOUT having to raise the hair line, deal with hair loss or potential nerve damage and performed in the office under local anesthesia):
    • $9000; we recommend ongoing Botox treatments every 3 months to complement this procedure; the glabella (area between the brows) and brow muscles or "depressor" muscles pull down the forehead and brows, over time, gravity along with the constant downward pull of your muscles will cause the sutures and skin to stretch; with ongoing Botox treatments, the muscles that pull down will be relaxed and weakened so your brow result will last for a very long time; Dr. Lee's method is very unique since it can be performed in an office setting unlike all other brow lift surgery alternatives which are usually performed in the hospital under general anesthesia since the entire forehead is being scalped off the bone and the hairline is being raised; Dr. Lee's method is the most effective with the least invasive method around to effectively sculpt and provide the feminine eye brow shape that one loses during the aging process
  • "Mini" Mid Facelift and Temple Lift cost (Dr. Lee invented this one hour office "mini lift" procedure):
    • $9000 this procedure complements his filler treatments by providing an uplifted and tighter foundation; the result is uplifted cheeks, pulled lateral brow/temple area and noticeable improvement or tightness in the nasal labial folds, jowls and jawline. The procedure is performed under local injections in the office and takes only ONE hour!  This procedure is performed using multiple permanent sutures pulled upwards using a small incision above the ear in the scalp; recovery is minimal and the incision is not visible since it's hidden in the scalp. Patients drive themselves to and from our office after the procedure; results will typically last 2-3 years; **For limited time, we are including the Infini RF needling laser for the lower face and neck area ($850 value) to help maintain the result of this treatment for a longer period

*Prices noted above are total costs when performed in our office surgical suite- most of our patients elect this; add'l fees will apply if procedure is being performed in a hospital setting. Dr. Lee gives patients the optimal result in Main Line, Philadelphia & Bryn Mawr. Learn more about the Financing Options Available for Facial Cosmetic Surgery. If you have additional questions or would like to schedule your consultation with Dr. Lee, please contact us today.

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