Beautiful young woman after cosmetic minimally-invasive facial treatment touching her temple.In the world of aesthetic enhancement, innovation is key. Dr. John Lee, a renowned plastic surgeon in Bryn Mawr, is at the forefront of this innovation with the introduction of the Temple Mid Facelift. This procedure is a testament to Dr. Lee’s commitment to providing advanced, effective, and minimally invasive solutions for facial rejuvenation.

The Concept Behind the Temple Mid Facelift

The Temple Mid Facelift, often referred to as a “Mini” Facelift or Temple Browlift, is Dr. Lee’s brainchild, designed to complement his filler treatments by offering an uplifted and tighter foundation. This procedure addresses key areas of concern for many patients, including uplifted cheeks, a pulled lateral brow/temple area, and noticeable improvements in the nasal labial folds, jowls, and jawline.

Development and Perfection

Dr. Lee’s journey in perfecting the Temple Mid Facelift spans many years of experience with dissolvable sutures and PDO threads. He realized that while these methods were effective, they could not sustain the lift that patients expected over time. Thus, he developed a surgical approach that provides more enduring and satisfactory results.

The Procedure

The Temple Mid Facelift is performed using multiple permanent sutures, which are pulled upwards through a small incision above the ear in the scalp. This approach ensures minimal recovery time, and the incision remains hidden in the scalp, making it virtually invisible. The entire procedure is efficiently completed under local injections in less than two hours in our office.

Recovery and Results

One of the most appealing aspects of the Temple Mid Facelift is the minimal recovery time involved. Patients can typically drive themselves to and from our office after the procedure, although many opt for sedatives and arrange for a driver. The results of this innovative procedure typically last 2-3 years, providing a long-term solution for facial aging concerns.

The Cost of Transformation

The total cost of the Temple Mid Facelift procedure is $6,000. This investment in your appearance includes the added benefit of the Infini RF needling laser treatment, making it an excellent value for those seeking comprehensive facial rejuvenation.

Learn More About Temple Mid Facelift in Bryn Mawr

Dr. John Lee’s Temple Mid Facelift represents a significant advancement in the field of aesthetic surgery. It offers a unique, minimally invasive option for those seeking to rejuvenate their facial appearance with lasting results. At our Bryn Mawr clinic, we are committed to providing our patients with the most advanced and effective treatments, and the Temple Mid Facelift is a prime example of this commitment.

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Posted on behalf of John J.W. Lee, MD, FACS