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Ptosis – Droopy Upper Eyelid Surgery

Ptosis - Droopy Upper Eyelid Surgery in Philadelphia

Ptosis is also known as Blepharoptosis. It refers to an eyelid which is droopy. Droopy eyelids may cause a loss of vision, especially while reading, headaches, and eyebrow strain. Stretching of the muscle that opens the eyes may also cause droopy eyelids. With Ptosis Surgery or Drooping Eyelid Surgery in these cases, the muscle may need to be tightened.

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The scar is usually well hidden in the lid crease or lid margin. Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. John Lee practices in Philadelphia, PA and his procedures usually employ the use of a blade that uses radio waves to cut tissue. This has the advantage of creating a precise incision with minimal bleeding. In patients who are prone to scarring,Dr. Lee prefers to use a surgical blade to minimize scarring that can occur from the heat generated with the use of the laser or radiofrequency scalpel. Learn more by reading Upper Eyelid Surgery and viewing Before and After Photos of Upper Eyelid Surgery.

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