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Eyelid Growth & Reconstructive Surgery

Eyelid Growth & Reconstructive Surgery in Philadelphia

An incisional biopsy should be performed on all suspicious eyelid growths. This eyelid growth is excised by facial plastic surgeon Dr. John Lee and sent to a pathology lab. Usually, if the result of the lab report returns as basal cell or squamous cell carcinoma (the most common skin cancers), the area biopsied is completely excised usually by a Mosh surgeon (dermatological surgeon who specializes on skin cancer removal) and Reconstructive Surgery is performed by Dr. Lee. Since eyelid reconstructive surgery can be very extensive and can spread to the organs of the eyes, this type of reconstructive surgery requires thorough understanding of the eye & eyelid anatomy. Therefore, Oculoplastic Surgeons such as Dr. Lee are the best surgeons to provide the best outcome for these patients.

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