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With age, our faces lose firmness and tone. Facial fillers such as Juvederm can be used to reverse this effect. Juvederm is the most popular filler in the United States due to it's lasting effect (approx. 9-12 months). Juvederm comes in two different types- ultra (softer gel, best used creating volume to lips, lower lids, building nose bridge, elongating chin, forehead sculpting) and ultra plus (thicker gel, best used to areas with thicker skin like cheeks, nasolabial folds- the most popular location).

Dr. Lee is Top 100 (out of 40,000+) provider of Juvederm in the country!

Facial wrinkle treatment with Juvederm can be used to increase the volume in these areas and to reduce the severity of those lines. A topical anesthetic is applied to injection area and the medication is then injected under the skin. The improvement is immediate. The effects generally last from nine months to one year depending on which product you use. There are many facial fillers available today. The most popular fillers are made of hyaluronic acid. The two most commonly used forms of hylauronic acid fillers are Juvederm, Voluma and Restylane. These three products are very similar in effect, but Restalyne generally last about six months while Juvederm will last up to one year and Voluma up to 18-24 months. Other popular facial fillers include Radiesse (calcium particles), Artefil (plexiglass particles in collagen) and Sculptra (biodegradable thermoplastic). Although longer lasting effects can be achieved with these materials, there is a significant risks associated with these products and removal of the products is very difficult and can lead to scarring and deformity.

"Because the face is ever changing, it is important to use a product that can be modified with time. More permanent fillers like fat and collagen may look good today, but awkward five years from now. Removing permanent fillers require surgery and results in unacceptable scarring. This is why I only use HA based fillers like Juvederm. They have the safest profiles of all fillers on the market." - Dr. Lee


Our Pricing With Juvederm Filler:

Juvederm Ultra XC(softer product best for lips & lower lids) or Ultra Plus XC (used for overall facial volume): our filler pricing ranges from $700-$1100 based on product used and provider. (discount provided for multiples syringes treatment) If you are interested in Juvederm or would like to schedule an appointment with our Main Line office, please contact us.

Juvederm FAQs

Where On My Face Can Juvederm Be Used?


Dr. Lee currently uses three Juvederm products: Ultra, Ultra Plus, and Voluma (see separate page on Voluma). Ultra returns fullness and volume to the lips. The deficiency can be either due to the lips thinning over time or simply because you’ve always wanted plumper lips. Ultra also fills the vertical lip lines, called barcode lines, which form on the lips. Dr. Lee, thanks to his extensive knowledge of facial anatomy, also uses Juvederm Ultra to add volume to the lower eyelids, for elongating the chin, to build the bridge of the nose, and for forehead sculpting. He enjoys using Ultra for these extended uses with his patients because of the non-invasive changes it allows the patient to experience. Ultra Plus has bigger molecules than Ultra, making it thicker and a bit longer lasting. Dr. Lee uses Ultra Plus to fill severe wrinkles and folds around the nose and mouth: nasolabial folds, parentheses lines, and marionette lines. It can also add extra lip volume enhancement.

How Much Juvederm Will I Need?

Juvederm pricing ranges from $700-$1100 based on product used and provider. (discount provided for multiples syringes treatment). How much you will need is wholly dependent upon the areas you seek to address. Once Dr. Lee understands your goals, he can give you a good idea of how much Juvederm he expects you will need.

How Does Juvederm Work?

Juvederm, along with Restylane, are the two most popular families of dermal fillers. These fillers are made from hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the human boy that is responsible for hydrating and plumping the skin. When Dr. Lee injects Juvederm the hyaluronic acid immediately binds with nearby water molecules (one gram of hyaluronic acid can bind with an amazing 6 liters of water!). This instantly provides volume to the area. For a wrinkle or crease, this volume pushes the skin back upwards, erasing the depression. For the lips, volume is added, adding definition and size.

Is Juvederm the right filler for me?

Dr. Lee is one of the top one percent of surgeons injecting Juvederm in the nation, and his practice is a designated Black Diamond facility. The fillers he prefers are Juvederm Ultra, Ultra Plus, and Voluma, along with various Restylane fillers. Because these fillers are made with hyaluronic acid, people typically don’t have any allergic reactions or side effects. The question of which filler is best for you depends on what area or volume problem you are seeking to correct. Dr. Lee will discuss with you the filler he thinks best suits your needs.

Why is a facial plastic surgeon the best choice for administering Juvederm?

Dr. Lee is an expert in facial anatomy and his surgical specialization is only on the face. This makes him the perfect choice for injecting Juvederm and other fillers. Unlike other practices, where a nurse handles these injections, Dr. Lee administers all of these injections himself, taking advantage of his knowledge of the muscles and support tissues of the face. Dr. Lee also uses a cannula for many of these injections for the lips, cheeks, and around the temples. This is an advanced delivery method that allows more precise location and it enables Dr. Lee to add more volume where necessary. He has been using this cannula injection method for over a decade.

Patient Testimonial

"I met Dr. Lee about a year ago. I turned forty and wanted to do some minor "touch up" work to my eyes. My lids had a little droop and it had to go. Dr. Lee did an amazing job! It took years off my face. The surgery was done in the office on a Friday, and I was back to work on Monday. I had some bruising, which was expected, but nothing major. The staff is so kind and knowledgeable and Dr. Lee is wonderful. I had a little Juvederm done too; love it! I recommend Dr. John Lee with complete confidence." - Kara M.

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How long does a Juvederm appointment take?

A Juvederm session takes from 15-30 minutes depending on what areas Dr. Lee is treating.

Is there anything I need to do after my Juvederm treatment?

There is no recovery or downtime after Juvederm injections. You can return to work or your normal activities immediately.

When will I see my Juvederm results?

Juvederm delivers instant results. This is different than Botox or Dysport, which take from 3-4 days to relax the injected muscles.

Schedule a Juvederm Consultation

As a TOP 1% in the country for Juvederm injection practice, our experienced facial injectors can help you decide if Juvederm is the right way for you to get the facial rejuvenation you want. For Main Line, Philadelphia and Bryn Mawr, please contact us to schedule a consultation  at (610) 789-6701 with our experienced injectors.

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