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Asian Eyelid Surgery (Asian Blepharoplasty) in Philadelphia

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Dr. John J.W. Lee is a Korean Oculoplastics (cosmetic eyelid, facial plastic surgery) Surgeon practicing in the Philadelphia suburb area with a special interest in Double Eyelid Surgery, Asian Crease Eyelids Surgery. Double eyelid surgery (also called Asian blepharoplasty or eyelid westernization surgery) requires a thorough understanding of the Asian eyelid anatomy and Asian face. There are only a handful of Korean oculoplastic surgeons in the United States who perform Asian eyelid surgery. Most people do not know that there is a field of medicine that deals ONLY with the eyelid and adjacent face. His unique background attracts patients from all over the country to seek his expertise. Dr. Lee's goal is to create a natural appearing double eyelid crease that flows in harmony with the rest of the face. The aim of Asian eyelid surgery is not to create westernized eyelids, but an Asian eyelid with a naturally appearing crease. The crease height and shape is pre-determined by each individual's pre-existing unique anatomy. Here are some guidelines to consider:

  • Asian crease surgery does NOT correct pre-existing asymmetry; actually, creating a line following the natural shape of the eyelids provides a point of reference that can accentuate ones pre-existing asymmetry
  • Asian crease surgery only creates a line that follows your pre-existing eye shape; most people have one eye that is narrower (which will create a shorter crease) and one eye that is wider (which will create a longer crease). Therefore, the width of the crease is determined by the width of the eyes. 
  • Brow shape and underlying brow bone structure is very important to the overall symmetry and shape of the crease. The brow is above the eyelids and pushes down on the eyelids so the shape of the eyes is directly affected by the position and shape of the brow. This is why some of our patients elect to have the suture brow procedure along with the Asian crease to address this issue.
  • Rule of thumb regarding crease height- crease height is pre-determined by the shape of your eyes and brow height; the wider your natural eyes, the higher the crease naturally wants to form (it's simple geometry- longer distance creates a higher arc); narrow eyes will only accommodate a low crease; brow height and shape also contribute to the crease height
  • Some candidates are NOT the best candidates for this procedure. Anatomy with hollowness under the brow bone and very thin skin can not "capture" a crease due to the eyelids tendency to fold/crease under the brow bone. Dr. Lee usually does not accept these cases. 

Two Main Procedures For Asian Eyelid Surgery:

  • The first method, involves making a full incision across the upper eyelid. The incision usually heals well and is minimally noticeable when fully healed. This technique requires the most recuperation time. Most patients will heal within two weeks, but sometimes require three to six months for complete healing. **This is Dr. Lee's preferred method and almost all his cases are performed using this method both for optimal and permanent results. The cost for this procedure is $6000.
  • The second method, involves passing sutures back and forth through the eyelid without making an incision. This technique has the advantage of leaving no visible scar with immediate recovery. The disadvantage of the technique is that it is prone to reversing and sutures can sometimes erode under the eyelid and cause irritation. **Dr. Lee only recommends this method to patients who want a very soft and natural result with minimal recovery. The likelihood of the crease coming undone is 10%-30% of the cases. This method is ONLY appropriate for patients who do not have any excess skin, thin skin, high brow and wide eyes. The cost for this procedure is $6000.
  • Add'l procedures that are performed often with the Asian crease or double eyelids surgery to enhance the overall shape of the eyes is the:
    • Epicanthoplasty - elongates the eyes via inner corner incision to allow for a more almond vs. round eyes appearance; this allows the crease to be more visible in the inner corners; thick epicanthus pulls the eyelids skin downward and does not allow the crease to be visible in the inner corners of the eyes; the scar can be visible for 3-6 months and on some skin can be visible permanently if scrutinized closely; the cost for this procedure is $2500 add'l to the Asian crease procedure 
    • Lateral Canthoplasty or lateral canthus incision - elongates the eyes via incision on outer corners of the eyes near the temple area; this procedure also releases the pull down tension of the upper lids allow the upper lids to open more while also elongating the eyes; the scar can be visible long-term if scrutinized closely; the cost for this procedure is $3000 add'l to the Asian crease procedure
    • Suture brow lift - Dr. Lee's brow lift is very popular to deal with brow asymmetry that can cause one eyes or crease to look smaller/lower; the brow is an important aspect of the overall appearance of the eyes since it's on top of the eyelids and pushes down on the eyelids itself; higher brows naturally create higher creases and lower brows naturally create lower creases so pulling the brow allows the eyes to look more open and rounder in appearance; the cost for this procedure ranges from $6000 for bilateral and $3500 for unilateral

View before & after Asian Crease Double Eyelid Surgery Pictures performed by Dr. Lee.

Dr. John Lee serves patients in Philadelphia and Bryn Mawr with Asian eyelid surgery. Please contact us at (610) 789-6701 or visit our contact us page to schedule your consultation with Dr. Lee today. **There is a $100 consult fee which is applicable to any non-surgical procedure with Dr. Lee or our medical esthetician for up to one year. This fee does not guarantee Dr. Lee will perform the procedure. This fee is for his time and his evaluation. Contact Us!

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