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Plastic Surgery Consultation Request

Facial Plastic Surgery In Main Line, Philadelphia & Bryn Mawr

Your plastic surgery consultation with Dr. John Lee is the perfect opportunity for you to get to know your potential plastic surgeon, gather information about available facial plastic surgery procedures, and have all of your questions answered. This is the best way for you to make sure you are choosing the right plastic surgeon for you as well as to get a better idea of all of the options you have to look and feel your very best.

About Your Consultation

Our consultation fee is $100. This fee is NOT applied to any surgery and is waived if you receive an injection/treatment. The consultation fee can be applied toward any non-surgical procedure we offer in our practice. During this consultation, Dr. Lee will discuss all of your options, including nonsurgical options such as facial fillers and Botox. He strongly believes that you deserve to look as young as you feel, but understands that surgical procedures are not right for everyone. Your initial consultation gives Dr. Lee an opportunity to carefully assess you face and customize the best treatment options for you. If you have had cosmetic or reconstructive eyelid or brow lift surgery recently by another surgeon and desire a consultation to inquire into further surgery to improve or correct your previous surgery outcome, the consultation fee is $120. Please understand that this consult is more complicated and will unlikely result in Dr. Lee performing the surgery. Due to his expertise, Dr. Lee is asked to perform this type of consultation on a regular basis. However, Dr. Lee rarely agrees to operate on a patient unless he feels that the patient will experience noticeable improvement from the revision surgery. He has agreed to perform less than 20% of this type of consult. If he does agree to perform the revision surgery, the fee will depend on the extent of work required to achieve the desired results. Dr. Lee strives to keep the costs of facial plastic surgery at his offices competitive. The fee for your initial consultation is intended to help ensure you are serious and ready to move forward on improving your appearance. If you live in or around Philadelphia or Bryn Mawr and are looking for a facial plastic surgeon, please contact John J. W. Lee, MD, FACS to schedule an initial consultation today.

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