Many patients seeking a “touchup” to reduce signs of aging gravitate toward facial fillers. These minimally invasive treatments have become popular due to their long-lasting results, but which one is most effective? At his Philadelphia office, Dr. John Lee only uses safe, reversible fillers such as Juvederm®.

The established safety and effectiveness of Juvederm® makes this facial filler a popular option with our Philadelphia patients. Some of the benefits include:

  • Results can last a year or more
  • Uses a naturally occurring substance, hyaluronic acid, to refresh and restore volume to the face
  • Multiple formulations allow Dr. Lee to recommend different products to meet your needs
  • Gel can be manipulated to suit the shape of your face as it changes with age
  • Reversible – if you’re unhappy with your appearance, Dr. Lee can simply remove the gel

Some of the facial fillers currently on the market consist of plastic particles and other unyielding substances. These materials generally can’t be removed without scarring and could alter the character of your face unnaturally over time.

The reliability of Juvederm® and other fillers makes it possible for Dr. Lee to offer his patients safe, effective improvement of their appearance. And he has extensive experience doing it: Dr. Lee is recognized as a Diamond-Level Injector of Juvederm®, putting him in the top 2% of providers.

To learn more about the safety of Juvederm® and other facial fillers, please contact John J.W. Lee, MD, FACS, or call (610) 789-6701 to book a consultation. Dr. Lee serves patients throughout the Philadelphia area.