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Philadelphia facial plastic surgeon John J.W. Lee, MD, is an oculofacial cosmetic surgeon practicing in "Main Line", just outside of Philadelphia, PA. Dr. Lee is a renowned oculo facial plastic surgeon who has performed over 12,000 eyelids and brow lift surgeries! Under his mentorship and guidance, his team of highly trained and experienced injection professionals follow his advanced understanding of the facial anatomy along with meticulous and more advanced injections techniques which has helped us become Allergan Certified TOP 100 (out of 40,000+ providers) Botox, Juvederm, Voluma, Kybella & CoolSculpting Elite provider in the country. This means that our providers are among THE MOST experienced injection providers in the United States!

Main Line's Busiest Botox & Filler Provider

Our Botox pricing is unbeatable with Dr. Lee's micro dot technique at $13 per unit/$600 min. for new patients and Dr. Castelli and his nurse providers at $12 per unit/$300 min.

We are able to provide this affordable pricing due to our high volume/preferable pricing w/ Allergan. Our providers are all trained extensively and exclusively by Dr. Lee, a renowned oculo facial plastic surgeon who is known for his micro-dot Botox  injection technique, which he has been performing for over 15 years- considered more precise and  advanced method of injecting Botox! Unlike most providers who just treat for the forehead and crows lines, Dr. Lee's philosophy is to utilize  Botox to improve the overall appearance of the eyes (the most visible facial feature). Dr. Lee is known for his signature "botox brow lift" procedure. His  conservative and natural approach to injection treatments has made our practice one of the busiest Botox, Juvederm, and Voluma practice in the country- TOP 1% (TOP 100).

  • As a testament to Dr. Lee's injection expertise, we have discerning patient's travel regularly from LA to NYC (we even have someone from Mexico City and Shanghai) for their Botox and Juvederm filler treatments. Dr. Lee is known for his cannula filler injection technique, considered THE MOST advanced technique for for filler injection, which he has been utilizing for over a decade. Micro cannula treatments allow the provider to inject fillers more superficially which provides more lift or fullness while using less product while minimizing the risk of bruising and lumpiness and most importantly the adverse complications caused by injecting filler to blood vessels- which can cause skin death or necrosis. This is why both Dr. Lee and Dr. Castelli perform their fillers treatments primarily using the micro-cannula.

Dr. Lee has been performing treatments that have just recently become more mainstream FOR OVER A DECADE and has shared his knowledge to his team of providers for the follow treatments- jaw Botox for slimmer jawline and TMJ or clenching relief, tear trough for lower lids hollowness and chin/jawline filler contouring.

Facial Plastic Surgeon In Main Line and Philadelphia

Eyelids and facial rejuvenation using Botox, fillers and lower lids surgery are the most popular requested procedures in our practice. Our "botox brow lift" along with tear trough or cheeks fillers, combined with upper or lower eyelids surgery, can create a transformational overall refreshed appearance. Our philosophy of "achieving optimal results with minimal surgery" is something that many of our patients appreciate. Sometimes rather than opting for upper lids surgery, Dr. Lee recommends just Botox to the forehead and crow's area to provide a more uplifted eyes appearance but also to prevent further brow droop caused by ongoing facial expressions. Dr. Lee has spent 15+ years performing over 12,000+ eyelids surgeries and honed and evolved his surgical techniques. So trust your most valuable facial feature to a renowned oculo facial plastic surgeon and his team of expert providers for total facial rejuvenation using Botox and facial fillers like Juvederm, Voluma and Restylane. Anyone searching for Cosmetic Facial Treatments or Surgery in the Main Line or Philadelphia area, should definitely consider Dr. Lee and his team of highly experienced providers.



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Board Certification

Eyelid surgery requires a surgeon who has had specialized training that enables them to carry out the delicate procedure. Eyelid surgery is best conducted by surgeons who are highly qualified to perform the procedure because they have specific expertise around the eyes. These are board-certified facial plastic surgeons and oculoplastic surgeons. Dr. John Lee happens to be both and brings with him decades of experience. 

  • Board-certified facial plastic surgeons. Having a board-certified facial plastic surgeon with specialized training in eyelid surgery provides you with an excellent option. The specialized training and skill they possess specifically focusing on the face helps them achieve greater results. If you decide on a plastic surgeon, make sure that they specialize in facial aesthetics and have a track record that proves their success.
  • Oculoplastic surgeons. An oculoplastic surgeon is a trained ophthalmologist with additional training in reconstructive and plastic surgery of the eyes. The qualifications of these surgeons make them unique specialists who are capable of providing functional aesthetics to the eyes and preserving their health. This expertise enables oculoplastic surgeons to present solutions for common issues surrounding eye puffiness, droopy eyelids, and excess skin.

Once you have the right surgeon for your needs, like Dr. Lee, a renowned oculofacial plastic surgeon with over 12,000 eyelid lift and brow lift surgeries under his belt, you can then begin to prepare for your natural results.

When an oculoplastic surgeon is chosen for eye surgery, there are many benefits available. These benefits are the result of their specialized training as an ophthalmologist and additional reconstructive and plastic surgery training that allows them to concentrate on the eyes. In addition, there are other reasons to choose an oculoplastic surgeon including the following:

  • They are eye experts. Because of their thorough training and knowledge of the eyes and the surrounding structures, an oculoplastic surgeon can provide procedures that are safe and precise. This allows the eyes’ function and health to be preserved.
  • They have aesthetics in mind. Being an oculoplastic surgeon allows them to achieve ideal harmony and aesthetics of the eye. Their skill allows them to achieve results that are natural-looking and are able to enhance the appearance of the eyes as functional integrity is maintained.
  • They are versatile. Their versatility in both surgical and non-surgical methods allows them to address issues through the use of brow lifts, eyelid surgery, and tear trough filler methods which can all be tailored to the goals and needs of the patient.
  • They balance functionality. By prioritizing the outcomes of a cosmetic procedure, an oculoplastic surgeon is able to treat the eyes. Due to the high amount of understanding of the eye structure, they have the knowledge of how changes in vision, eye health, and comfort take place.

As a specialized area of plastic surgery, facial plastic surgery concentrates on the non-surgical and surgical processes to achieve rejuvenation and enhancement of the neck and face. Because of their high level of training and skill, the facial plastic surgeon can address quite a few concerns involving the eyes, nose, neck, chin, skin, and ears. Facial plastic surgery’s goal is achieving the best results which are natural in appearance and blend perfectly with existing features to assure safety and function is preserved. The procedures conducted by facial plastic surgery are categorized broadly as either cosmetic facial surgery or reconstructive facial surgery.

  • Cosmetic facial surgery. This surgery is designed to enhance the face’s appearance through the procedures used. The facial features are enhanced and signs of aging are reduced to attain an appearance that is balanced.
  • Reconstructive facial surgery. Reconstructive surgery is designed to restore the face’s function and form stemming from medical conditions, injury, or trauma. It focuses on improving quality of life as well as appearance.

An eyelid surgeon can address many issues, having both the training and approach to provide various techniques.. They also integrate their knowledge of facial anatomy, aesthetic sense, and skill to provide a treatment plan that is customized to a patient’s unique surgical needs.

Facial plastic surgery is a personal decision and one that cannot be determined by age. By having different experiences in life, it can be difficult to determine which age is appropriate to make you the best candidate. Some facial surgery, such as rhinoplasty, can be done at an early age. Surgery intended to improve signs of aging, however, is likely something that happens later in a patient’s life. 

Genrally speaking, if you are a prospective patient over the age of 40 with a good amount of elasticity in the skin, and feel it is appropriate to undergo facial plastic surgery to improve signs of aging, you are likely in the right age range for the procedure.

When you age, there is still a good chance for results to be excellent while in your 60s or older, as long as you are healthy and remain fit.

Typically, you can enjoy your facial plastic surgery for at least seven years, making it ideal to have the surgery when you are at least 45 to 50 years old and begin the process of maintaining it once you hit your 60s.

With a significant amount of experience in face surgery and rejuvenation, your Bryn Mawr eyelid surgeon can offer guidance on  non-surgical options or surgical procedures that work the best for your age and specific needs.

  • During your 30s. While having facial plastic surgery is not normally accomplished before the age of 40, you can take advantage of many procedures that are non-surgical and can give your appearance a youthful refreshment.
  • During your 40s. If you have facial plastic surgery in your 40s, generally, your results will last longer when compared to individuals that wait until later.

Determining the age to have eyelid surgery is not easy and can vary based on concerns and factors the individual is experiencing. Eyelid surgery is a procedure commonly used for issues such as eye-bags, sagging skin, and puffiness. The process itself eliminates excess fat, skin, and tissue from the eyelids to provide an enhanced appearance that is both rejuvenated and youthful.

Although there is no specific age that is best, many begin to contemplate having eyelid surgery once signs of aging appear, which differs from one person to the next. The two most common factors to consider include your individual goals and if signs of aging have appeared.

  • Your individual goals. Having a desire for eye rejuvenation will play a major part in the surgery process. If your goals are to start at an early age, then you will certainly enjoy the enhancements. Or, you can wait until you are a bit older for signs of aging to appear.
  • Aging. You may decide to undergo facial surgery because your skin has been showing signs of aging. If that is the case, then you can expect to see eye bags, sagging skin, and puffiness that is not easily treatable by most non-surgical methods.

Choosing between Botox or surgery is a decision that should be based on your own areas of concern and goals you wish to achieve. Both Botox and surgery are two completely different methods that provide cosmetic enhancements,  each with limitations as well as benefits. If it is difficult to decide which treatment is best for you, consider a few things first.

  • Your goals. The goals you set should be the first thing to consider while choosing between Botox and surgery. When you are in search of a procedure that is quick and has little  recovery time, a Botox injection may be best. But when long-lasting results are preferred, facial plastic surgery might be a better treatment option..
  • Your budget. The budget you set should also be a deciding factor. With Botox, you can expect the price to be considerably less than going under the knife, but the results are temporary and require maintenance every six months. If you want to make an investment, then a surgery will be ideal.
  • Your age. The final factor to consider is your age. When you are young, then a Botox injection will benefit you the most as the results are non-permanent and more injections can be placed in the future. When you are older, having surgery will likely benefit you the most due to the longer lasting results.
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