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IPL Treatments (Intense Pulse Light)

Palomar Icon Laser & IPL Treatments

As an alternative to facial surgery or dermal fillers, Philadelphia oculoplastic surgeon Dr. John Lee also has added the Palomar Icon system to our practice. The Palomar Icon combines a fractional laser and intense pulsed light (IPL) technology and delivers a wide variety of non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatments: fractional skin resurfacing, wrinkle reduction, hair removal, acne and scar improvement, IPL photo rejuvenation, and treatment of vascular and pigmentation problems. Plus, the Palomar Icon system has a built-in Skintel Melanin Reader, which accurately assesses melanin density so that the appropriate level of laser energy can be applied, ensuring patient comfort and minimizing possible skin damage.

What are the Benefits of IPL Treatments?

Dr. Lee is thrilled to have the Palomar Icon as a part of his team. It is the ultimate multi-tasker in skin rejuvenation and hair removal. Here are the treatments we perform with the Palomor Icon:

  • Wrinkle Reduction – Icon reduces lines and wrinkles with fractional laser technology. The laser energy creates thousands of microchannels in the treatment areas, penetrating the epidermis down into the dermis (the skin’s second layer). This creates deep columns of skin coagulation, surrounded by healthy, untreated skin. The healthy surrounding skin instantly goes about repairing the microscopic channels adjacent to it, replacing old, sun damaged skin with new, younger, healthier skin. The body perceives the microscopic channels as wounds and responds by producing new collagen and elastin in the area; these are the main components of firm, healthy, younger skin.
  • Stretch Marks — Stretch marks also respond well to Icon fractional laser treatment. By triggering the production of new skin and breaking down damaged skin, these treatments dramatically reduce the appearance of stretch marks.
  • Scars — The Icon system can improve the appearance of scars on all skin pigments. This is due to the Skintel Melanin Reader, which allows us to accurately deliver the precise amount of fractional laser energy to the scar. The fractional treatment breaks down the scar tissue (which is created by overproduction of collagen) and triggers production of new skin cells.
  • Skin Resurfacing — Compared to ablative skin resurfacing, which can require extensive recovery periods, the Palomar Icon system uses fractional laser energy to address a variety of skin problems beyond those mentioned above:
    • Age spots
    • Skin tone and texture
    • Sun damage
    • Acne scars
  • Photo Rejuvenation — The Palomar Icon system also can deliver IPL, which delivers a wider spectrum of light energy than the single spectrum of laser light. IPL treatments are great for areas of unwanted pigmentation and broken facial blood vessels. We also use the Palomar IPL energy to treat rosacea.
  • Leg Veins — We use the Palomar Icon laser to remove spider veins on the legs. The laser wavelength is set to the color of the purple, red, or blue spider vein. The blood in the vein attracts the laser energy, which converts to heat. That heat damages the walls of the spider vein, constricting and closing it off. The vein is instantly far less noticeable, and it is eventually fully absorbed by the body.
  • Hair Removal — The Icon system is excellent for laser hair removal. The laser energy is delivered onto the target area and the hair shafts absorb the laser energy. This energy converts to heat and travels down the hair shaft into the hair follicle, where it damages the follicle and prevents it from growing hair in the future. A series of treatments is needed to catch the unwanted hairs in the correct phase of the growth cycle.


The variety of treatment options with the Palomar Icon system also allows us to offer ThreeForMe treatments. By combining two handpieces, the Palomar Icon can address wrinkles, sun damage, and facial veins all in one treatment session.

Are the results of the Palomar Icon treatments Immediate?

The results delivered, of course, are contingent upon which of the myriad Palomar Icon treatments you’re having. Generally, within two to three weeks of the first treatment the skin will look and feel smoother and skin tone will be more even. This continues to improve as the body builds new collagen in response to fractional laser treatments. Dark spots, pigmentation issues, fine lines, and overly large pores tend to improve the most with three or more consecutive treatments.

Innovations Of The Palomar Icon System

Dr. Lee decided on the Palomar Icon system not only because of the variety of treatments it provides, but also for its innovation. These are the patented systems of the Icon:

  • Skintel Melanin Reader — Determines melanin density for accurate laser/IPL settings.
  • Advanced Contact Cooling™ — Cooling is maintained at 41 degrees Fahrenheit for skin protection and comfort.
  • AccuSpectrum™ — Dual filters minimize epidermal exposure, delivering the energy beyond the surface skin for patient comfort.
  • Photo Recycling™ — Maximizes the energy delivered.
  • Smooth Pulse™ — Proprietary light delivery system.
  • Power — The Icon is the most powerful laser and IPL aesthetic platform.

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