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The physical appearance of the body is influenced by more than our weight alone. However, many people believe that, if they reach their ideal weight, they will look the way they want. Being a healthy weight for the body frame is good. However, for some, weight is only the beginning. Toning is also integral to looking and feeling one’s best. We are proud to offer CoolToneTM to our patients who want to refine their shape to fit their ideal image.

What is CoolTone?

CoolTone is an innovative body contouring device made by the same manufacturer that developed CoolSculpting Elite. This device has been designed not to reduce fat but to tone and tighten the abdominal, thigh, or buttocks muscles.

Candidacy for CoolTone Treatment

Many adults are good candidates for CoolTone body contouring treatment. The best results are achieved with patients who are committed to healthy habits and are at or near their ideal body weight for their height and frame. We confirm that patients are good candidates for this approach by conducting a thorough consultation and examination of skin laxity, fat stores, and current muscle condition. Our objective is to help each patient reach their desired outcome. If CoolTone is not the best option, we can recommend other modalities or techniques that can successfully address concerns.

What are the benefits of a CoolTone treatment?

CoolTone offers significant benefits to individuals who want to look better and feel better. Working out can be tedious and may still fall short of the desired results. CoolTone forces involuntary muscle contractions that achieve maximum effects in a short time. This treatment can jumpstart a new body-toning regimen or complement one that has been in place for months or years.

Patients can feel confident choosing CoolTone because this FDA-cleared device has been thoroughly vetted for safety and efficacy through clinical trials. While the purpose of this noninvasive technique is to stimulate deep muscle contractions, there are very few side effects and no need for downtime and recovery. After the desired muscle-tightening has been achieved, patients can easily maintain their results with healthy lifestyle habits including a low-calorie diet and regular exercise.

The potential risks of a CoolTone treatment

CoolTone has very few risks of unwanted side effects. The device manufacturer advises that CoolTone should not be used in patients with electrical, metal, or electronic implants such as implanted defibrillators, drug pumps, or cardiac pacemakers. Patients should also disclose if they have a medical condition such as epilepsy, bleeding conditions, or a fever. Patients who have recently had surgery may be pregnant, or are menstruating or close to menstruation should also not have CoolTone.

How do CoolTone treatments work?

CoolTone tightens muscle fibers by emitting electromagnetic energy into the deep layer of muscle tissue. This prompts magnetic muscle stimulation, or forced muscle contractions. These contractions strengthen the muscles in the treatment area in the same way exercise would, only faster and more significantly. Like exercise, CoolTone gradually tightens muscles for a firmer, tighter look.

How long does a CoolTone treatment session take?

CoolTone sessions take about 30 minutes each. Sessions are scheduled approximately twice a week for a few weeks. Many patients achieve their ideal outcome with only 4 treatments scheduled over two weeks.

Is there any downtime after a CoolTone treatment?

There is no downtime after CoolTone treatments. That is one of the significant benefits of this technique! After sessions, patients may experience mild to moderate muscle pain, just as they would after a tough workout. Minor cramping may also occur, alongside tingling, swelling, and redness. None of these temporary side effects should interfere with normal activities, even exercise.

When you will start to see your results

Patients often begin to see firmer, tighter muscle tone about 3 weeks after their CoolTone treatments. The muscles continue to tighten for two to four months following the initial series of sessions.

How long will my CoolTone results last?

The results of CoolTone treatments can last several years when patients maintain a healthy lifestyle that includes regular muscle-toning exercises. Some patients schedule a single touch-up treatment every 3 to 6 months after achieving their initial improvement.

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