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Our pricing for wrinkle dermal fillers are very affordable. We believe long-term that offering quality service at an affordable price will keep our patients loyal to our practice. We apply anesthetic cream to every patient to help minimize the pain of the injection. Our practice has achieved the BLACK DIAMOND OR TOP 500 (top 2% in the country) status with Allergan (makers of Botox & Juvederm). The types of facial injectables offered at this practice are the highest safety ratings and very low to non-existent complication rates. We do not offer any fillers that can not be reversed or manipulated. Always ask about the products that are being injected into your face. You do NOT want fillers that are made with artificial products such as plastic and calcium/bone materials. We offer only the most popular and safest fillers in the market so don't trust any other brands. The following is pricing for our injectables:
  • Juvederm Ultra or Ultra+ XC ($700): A softer product that creates volume. Best used to provide volume to lips, nasolabials folds(parenthesis around nose area), cheeks and to soften wrinkles in the forehead (between eyes or glabella area); FDA approved to last up to 9-12 months.
  • Restylane ($600 per syringe) or Restylane Silk ($700 per syringe- used for fine superficial lines esp. around mouth) : A finer and harder product that is best for fine sculpting. Best used to sculpt and build up “sunken lower lids” or tear trough and upper cheek areas where the skin is very thin and unforgiving; FDA approved to last up to 6-7 months.
  • Perlane or Restylane Lyft ($700 per syringe) – From the makers of Restylane this product is a little more thicker version of Restylane and is best used to sculpt areas like the cheeks and jowls (marionette lines). This product does not swell and stays in place and both Dr. Lee and Jill likes this product due to it's predictable long-term outcome.
  • Juvederm Voluma ($800 1st syringe and $700 ea. add'l in all areas except nose injection; there is an upcharge to $1000 per syringe for nose bridge area) - very highly anticipated filler received FDA-approval for 18 to 24 months efficacy; a harder product that is best for sculpting and building cheeks and chin areas. Most patients need 2 syringes (1 syringe for each cheek) to achieve optimal "lift" result for the cheeks.
  • BOTOX® Cosmetic ($11 per unit)** - enjoy the most common cosmetic procedure in the United States by a DIAMOND status practice (top 2% in the country) for a cheaper price than our competition who charge $15-$24 per unit!
  • Dysport ($4.40 per unit) - similar to Botox but with a higher dispersion and quicker onset; please remember the units dosage is different for Botox and Dysport; 2.5 units of Dysport = 1 unit of Botox **this is the equivalent dosage of the active ingredient that makes both product effective; so the total cost to our patients are the same
**Brilliant Distinctions/Patient Loyalty Discount - $20 off your next visit for each BOTOX® injection, each Juvederm or Voluma syringe received at your initial visit with us when you sign up for the Brilliant Distinctions Patient Loyalty Program! ***all prices are subject to change; please email or call our office for accurate and current pricing View the Before and After Photos of Facial Fillers at our Gallery page. If you have additional questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please contact us today. Serving patients in Philadelphia and Bryn Mawr.
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John Lee MD FACS | Filler Pricing Philadelphia PA | Main Line PA | Bryn Mawr PA