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Last year there were over 1.6 million treatments with Botox in the United States alone. Botox treatments have been around for over twenty years and there are over 200 studies confirming the safety and efficacy of Botox. BOTOX® is FDA approved for the treatment of Glabella frown lines between the eyes and crows feet (around the corners of the eyes), but it is also commonly used for the treatment of forehead wrinkles, to elevate the brow, and to reduce the appearance of wide and prominent jaw-line, vertical neck bands, headaches, and sweating. Studies have shown that using cosmetic botox for ongoing period of time, patients have noticed substantial softening of existing wrinkles but also prevention of new wrinkles developing.

Why Choose Our Providers for Your BOTOX® Injections

Trust a TOP BOTOX® Cosmetic TOP 250 (top 1% in the country) Allergan Certified aesthetic center for your Botox & Juvederm and Voluma injections! This means our center is one of the countries highest volume and most experienced providers in the country. Our providers have all been personal trained by Dr. John Lee, a highly experienced, one of the busiest Botox provider in the Main Line and Philadelphia area.

To schedule a treatment with Dr. Lee and Dr. Castelli, a $100 non-refundable consultation deposit will need to be processed. The deposit is applied toward your treatment ONLY if you abide by our cancellation policy- no cancellation within 48 business hours.  **Our Botox pricing is $11-$12 per unit (Dr. Lee is $12 per unit $450 min). BOTOX® Cosmetic is the most common cosmetic procedure in the United States. Botox injections can provide an uplifted, more open eyes result achieved by "Botox brow lift" treatment. Ongoing treatments will prevent the forehead and brows from collapsing or falling which is caused by expression muscles and also reduce existing "dynamic lines" (facial lines created by facial expressions) and also prevents further lines from developing in the future.

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Candidates For BOTOX® Cosmetics

We have patients in their late 20s receiving Botox Injections. This helps to prevent future fine lines and wrinkles from forming.Botox is most effective injected in the forehead, glabellar (area between eyes) and crows feet(around the sides of eyes) areas. Less commonly performed but effective is injections to the jaw area. Injections to the jaw area creates a thinner jawline. Satisfaction with Botox are almost 100% among plastic surgery patients.

How Much Does BOTOX® Cost?

Our Botox pricing ranges from $11/$300 min. for Dr. Castelli and nurse providers and $12 per unit/$450 min. w/ Dr. Lee (his peers charge $17+).We are able to provide this affordable pricing due to the high volume of treatments we perform. Dr. Lee's philosophy of providing exceptional results at an affordable price allows patients to receive the optimal dosage/units for optimal results and also enjoy the long-term benefits of Botox with ongoing 3-4 months treatments. The following are typical injection prices per location:

  • Glabella (area between the eyes brows): recommend min. 25-30 units
  • Entire forehead including glabella area: 30-35 units *FDA recommended dosage for these 2 areas are min. 40 units
  • Crows feet(lines side of eyes-laugh lines): 20-25 units *FDA recommended dosage is min. 24 units for this area
  • Jaw area to create slimmer facial contour: recommend 70-75 Botox units ($100 off if receiving our recommended dosage); the results are better and longer lasting with proper dosage; best treatment plan is to have 70-75 units 3 months apart for the initial 2-3 injections, then the results will last longer as the muscle atrophies and becomes weaker

*add'l discount offered through Allergan's Brilliant Distinctions patient loyalty program; membership is free and ongoing coupons available to be used on all Allergan family of products including Latisse and SkinMedica skincare. Botox® Cosmetictreatments generally last about 3-4 months. We provide anesthetic cream application to all our patients at no additional charge. The injections take less than five minutes and you can immediately resume your regular activities. The most common side effect is bruising. Botox is not recommended for patients who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, breast feeding or those who have neuromuscular conditions. It is important to make sure that injections are given by a qualified medical professional who uses only FDA approved Botox manufactured by AllerganThere have been reports of non-qualified people injecting non FDA approved Botox resulting in death. It is important to emphasize that there have been millions of injections with FDA approved Botox for cosmetic purposes and no reports of any serious side effects. The recent report of 16 deaths associated with Botox injections include only one patient who died of pneumonia seven weeks after the injection. The patients medical doctors did not believe that the Botox injection was related to the patients death. The remaining 15 patients were related to large doses of Botox administered for medical purposes(patients with severe chronic illness).

What Our Patients Have to Say

"Dr. Lee is AMAZING! He is very professional and I love that he gives a very natural appearance! The office staff is very friendly and knowledgeable about the skincare products and I would highly recommend him!" -Brenda S.

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BOTOX® Injections are ideal solution for eliminating fine lines and deep wrinkles throughout your face. It can effectively be used to treat dynamic lines, or those created by facial expressions. Most commonly, BOTOX® Cosmetic is used to treat crow’s feet and the area between your eyebrows. It can also be used on the areas of the cheeks, jaw, and forehead.

Effects of BOTOX® injections last for three to four months. BOTOX® Cosmetic works by temporarily disrupting nerve signals that cause muscles to contract. Over time, these pathways will repair themselves, resulting in a reappearance of wrinkles. Many people choose to have BOTOX® Cosmetic injections three or four times a year to help prevent the reappearance of wrinkles.

BOTOX® is FDA approved for the treatment of wrinkles and has been safely used for over 20 years. There are well over a million BOTOX® Cosmetic procedures performed in the United States every year and the complication rate is negligible. Some people may experience tenderness or slight swelling around the injection site for a few days following treatment, but this is temporary and extremely rare with our patients. Your risk for complications is much higher when you choose to have injections performed at a spa and by a non-medical professional. Dr. Lee is a qualified facial plastic surgeon with over 10 years of Botox injection experience providing this safe and effective treatment. He has trained other doctors to inject and is a top 1% injector in the United States. If you live in or around Philadelphia or Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania and would like to learn more about BOTOX® Cosmetic, please contact John J. W. Lee, MD, FACS to schedule an initial consultation today.

Discontinuing BOTOX® Cosmetic injections will not cause you to age more rapidly. Should you choose to discontinue treatment, your skin will simply return to its natural state, being neither less nor more wrinkled than it was prior to treatment. Treatments with Botox is an effective method to prevent deeper wrinkles from permanently forming by eliminating the movements that is creating it.

There is no age restriction on BOTOX® Cosmetic. Many people begin these injections as early as their mid-20s to help reduce visible signs of aging. During your initial consultation with Philadelphia area facial plastic surgeon Dr. John Lee, it can be determined if BOTOX® Cosmetic is right for you.

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For additional information, please see BOTOX® for Medical Purposes. Read more about Am I a Candidate for BOTOX® Cosmetic? If you would like to discuss BOTOX® Cosmetic in greater detail or are ready to schedule an appointment, please contact Dr. John J.W. Lee today.

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