Your body is ever changing. When you have permanent dermal fillers, like fat, Sculptra® and Radiesse®, injected into your face, you run the risk of altering your natural beauty with a substance that is not easy to manipulate and will require surgery to remove.


Although fat injections are popular dermal fillers because they are low cost and easy to acquire, fat is a living substance that is difficult to control long term. Dr. John Lee has seen the lumpy results in patients who chose to have fat injections performed by other doctors. The only way to correct the unnatural look of the fat shifting from its original position is to either surgically remove the fat or camouflage the lumpiness by injecting other facial fillers.


Surgically removing fat is difficult because of the tissue scaring the fat has already caused. Camouflaging lumpy fat injections is a very challenging procedure and can leave you with a much plumper look in the area than you originally intended.


Radiesse and Sculptra can be very effective dermal fillers for some patients who are looking for nonsurgical cosmetic procedures, but if you do not love your results, you don’t have the option to erase or soften the dermal filler without resorting to surgery.


If you would like to find out which dermal fillers are right for you, please contact Dr. John J. W. Lee to schedule your initial consultation with a Philadelphia plastic surgeon.