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Philadelphia plastic surgeon Philadelphia facial plastic surgeon John J.W. Lee, MD, is an oculofacial cosmetic surgeon practicing in the "Main Line", just outside of Philadelphia, PA. His intimate knowledge of facial anatomy along with his meticulous eye for detail and "delicate and precise hands", has made Dr. Lee an Allergan Certified TOP 250 (top 1%) Botox, Juvederm, Voluma, Kybella & Coolsculpt provider in the country. This means that Dr. Lee is among THE MOST experienced injection providers in the United States!

Our Botox price is $11 per unit (min. $300 treatment) - an unbeatable price especially by a provider who is a renowned facial plastic surgeon with over 15 years of injection experience! Dr. Lee's philosophy of providing the best results at an affordable price has made him one of the busiest Botox, Juvederm, and Voluma providers in the country. As a testament to Dr. Lee's injection expertise, we have discerning patient's travel ongoing from LA to NYC for their filler treatments. They especially appreciate Dr. Lee's skill in performing his cannula filler treatments. He has been utilizing the cannula for his filler treatments for over a decade. He performs ALL of his filler treatments using this advanced injection technique that recently has become popular and more mainstream. Cannula treatments allow Dr. Lee to inject fillers more superficially which provides more lift or fullness while using less product while minimizing the risk of bruising and lumpiness and most importantly the adverse complications caused by injecting filler to blood vessels- which can cause skin death or necrosis. Dr. Lee has been performing injections that have just recently become more mainstream for over a decade- jaw Botox for slimmer jawline and TMJ or clenching relief, tear trough, liquid rhinoplasty, and chin filler using Juvederm Voluma for over a decade.

Coolsculpting and Cooltone were added to our practice when Allergan (owners of Botox, Juvederm fillers, Kybella) purchased the machines. We wanted to partner with a company that was in line with our philosophy- patient satisfaction is our utmost and only concern. Our technicians are overseen by Dr. Lee and held to a level of performance that is in line with Dr. Lee's reputation. Our prices are unbeatable (starting as low as $400 per cycle)* and results speak for themselves.

Thank you @mrsofficer2u for sharing your amazing outcome! She looks so well rested and now we only see her pretty/bright eyes. ✨⁣

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Vitamin C is a MUST HAVE per Dr. Lee! When you purchase @skinceuticals CE Ferulic or Phloretin (best selling Vitamin C in the world) for $141*we are always 15% off (reg. $166) you can choose one FREE 15ml Triple Lipid, CE Ferulic, or Discoloration Defense ($49-$83 value). Quantities are limited, so call us today to reserve yours!⁣

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Eyelid muscle weakness is a common condition that people do not know can be corrected by oculo-plastic surgeons like Dr. Lee. Muscle weakness can cause visual obstruction and a sense of being asleep due to the lids not opening completely. This condition is also known as "ptosis". ⁣

This patient's left eyelid muscle made her eyes look very asymmetric. Dr. Lee performed the external levator resection muscle surgery on her left eye along with upper lids blepharoplasty(excess skin removal). ⁣

Instead of focusing on her asymmetry, now everyone sees her beautiful blue & bright eyes. 💓⁣

🛏 Recovery: 2-4 weeks for swelling⁣
💵 Price: left muscle surgery $2500; bilateral upper lids blepharoplasty $3500⁣
⏰ Duration: 1.5 hr in office⁣

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🥁🥁👏👏...So excited to see the sign for Lux finally going up! ⁣For people who have voiced concerns that we are relocating- our Bryn Mawr office will be Dr. Lee’s main office. He will be at Lux few half days a week. Dr. Joe Castelli (over 8 yrs of injection experience, trained by Dr Lee and does beautiful work and uses cannula for his filler treatments like Dr Lee) will perform injections, along with a talented group of medical estheticians, will service you in this luxury medspa setting. ...

Here is a great before/after photos of the recovery process for upper and lower lids surgery- NO Botox or fillers, just surgery results. Discussed with patient option for Botox treatments to relax her glabella muscles and fillers for her lower lids to achieve optimal results but she was happy with just her surgery results.

Dr. Lee's method for lower lids skin tightening is different than how he was taught during his oculoplastic surgical fellowship at Wills Eye hospital (one of the most prestigious eye program in the world). The number one complication of lower lids skin removal is lid pull down or retraction. We get calls regularly to repair this issue caused by inexperienced surgeons attempting to perform this very delicate and challenging procedure. ⁣

Dr. Lee has been performing skin tightening using his method for over a decade and has never experienced any complications. Retraction of lower lids skin can cause the lids not closing completely and also distort ones appearance. So make sure to select a surgeon who understands the functional aspect of the eyelids - to protect the eyes!⁣

💵 Price: $3500 for upper lids; $4500 for lower lids fat removal + skin tightening; $450 TCA peel⁣
😴 Anesthesia: local in office⁣
🛏 Recovery: 2-4 weeks for upper lids swelling and 3-6 months for lower lids incision scar

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Receive a *COMPLIMENTARY* 15mL #CEFerulic ($83 value) - the NO. 1 medical-grade Vitamin C serum in the 🌍 when you purchase Skinceuticals essentials, #TripleLipid (best selling moisturizer that restore skin’s natural lipids and healthy fatty acids, and smells amazing!) or #Resveratrol (night time antioxidant 🍷 helps fight harmful environmental stressors- heal your skin as you sleep) AND #Retinol or #Glycolic10 Renew Overnight- for daily exfoliation and cellular turnover. ⁣

CE Ferulic an award winning 🏅, patented vitamin C serum that combines 15% vitamin C, 1% vitamin E, and 0.5% Ferulic acid. These ingredients work synergistically to provide superior environmental protection. ☀️ Once absorbed into the skin, this serum remains effective for at least 72 hours! Aside from protecting the skin, CE Ferulic helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, loss of firmness, and it brightens the skins complexion!⁣

We have limited quantities, so don’t wait to see why this is the gold standard in antioxidants! Call us today to reserve your products! 📞⁣

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Facial Plastic Surgeon In Philadelphia

Eyelids surgery is the most popular facial cosmetic surgery procedure due to its maximum impact and effectiveness in achieving a youthful and more alert appearance. Eyelid surgery is considered the most challenging cosmetic procedure due to the delicate and detailed nature of the procedure. Eyelids have a medical function to protect one's eyes so possessing a thorough knowledge of the eyelids anatomy is crucial to achieving the optimal aesthetic result without compromising its medical function. Dr. Lee has spent 15+ years performing 10,000+ eyelids and brows surgeries and honed and evolved his surgical techniques. So trust your most valuable facial feature to a renowned oculofacial plastic surgeon like Dr. Lee- an expert in performing eyelid and brow surgeries & Cosmetic Surgery in Philadelphia.

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