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Top Eyelid Surgeon Philadelphia Specializing in Oculofacial Plastic Surgery

Facial Cosmetic Surgery & Injectables

Philadelphia facial plastic surgeon John J.W. Lee, MD, is an oculofacial cosmetic surgeon practicing in "Main Line", just outside of Philadelphia, PA. Dr. Lee is a renowned oculo facial plastic surgeon who has performed over 12,000 eyelids and brow lift surgeries! Under his mentorship and guidance, his team of highly trained and experienced injection professionals follow his advanced understanding of the facial anatomy along with meticulous and more advanced injections techniques which has helped us become Allergan Certified TOP 100 (out of 40,000+ providers) Botox, Juvederm, Voluma, Kybella & CoolSculpting Elite provider in the country. This means that our providers are among THE MOST experienced injection providers in the United States!

Main Line's Busiest Botox & Filler Provider

  • Our Botox pricing is unbeatable with Dr. Lee's micro dot technique at $12 per unit/$600 min. for new patients and Dr. Castelli and his nurse providers at $11 per unit/$300 min. We are able to provide this affordable pricing due to our high volume/preferable pricing w/ Allergan. Our providers are all trained extensively and exclusively by Dr. Lee, a renowned oculo facial plastic surgeon who is known for his micro-dot Botox  injection technique, which he has been performing for over 15 years- considered more precise and  advanced method of injecting Botox! Unlike most providers who just treat for the forehead and crows lines, Dr. Lee's philosophy is to utilize  Botox to improve the overall appearance of the eyes (the most visible facial feature). Dr. Lee is known for his signature "botox brow lift" procedure. His  conservative and natural approach to injection treatments has made our practice one of the busiest Botox, Juvederm, and Voluma practice in the country- TOP 1% (TOP 100).
  • As a testament to Dr. Lee's injection expertise, we have discerning patient's travel regularly from LA to NYC (we even have someone from Mexico City and Shanghai) for their Botox and Juvederm filler treatments. Dr. Lee is known for his cannula filler injection technique, considered THE MOST advanced technique for for filler injection, which he has been utilizing for over a decade. Micro cannula treatments allow the provider to inject fillers more superficially which provides more lift or fullness while using less product while minimizing the risk of bruising and lumpiness and most importantly the adverse complications caused by injecting filler to blood vessels- which can cause skin death or necrosis. This is why both Dr. Lee and Dr. Castelli perform their fillers treatments primarily using the micro-cannula.
  • Dr. Lee has been performing treatments that have just recently become more mainstream FOR OVER A DECADE and has shared his knowledge to his team of providers for the follow treatments- jaw Botox for slimmer jawline and TMJ or clenching relief, tear trough for lower lids hollowness and chin/jawline filler contouring.
  • We are a full service medspa facility offering the most popular lasers including the gold standard for IPL the Cynosure Icon, the gold standard for hair reduction, Candela Gentlemax and gold standard for non0-surgical fat reduction, Coolsculpt and many more effective but minimally invasive options.
  • We are also excited to offer our patients the exclusive Biologique Recherche products and facials that have a cult like following. This brand is available at the finest hotels and spas such as Four Seasons, Mandarin and Canyon Ranch Spas. Learn more about our luxurious medspa facility at: www.luxskinlasers.com

Best CoolSculpting Elite Treatment in Philadelphia, PA

CoolSculpting Elite and Cooltone were added to our practice when Allergan (owners of Botox, Juvederm fillers, Kybella) purchased the machines. We wanted to partner with a company that was in line with our philosophy- patient satisfaction being the utmost and only concern. Our technicians are overseen by Dr. Lee and held to a level of performance that is in line with Dr. Lee's reputation. *WE PROVIDE A PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE so make sure to schedule a complimentary consultation with our Coolsculpt providers before having your treatment! *only by reputable medical providers/practices

Facial Plastic Surgeon In Main Line and Philadelphia

Eyelids and facial rejuvenation using Botox, fillers and lower lids surgery are the most popular requested procedures in our practice. Our "botox brow lift" along with tear trough or cheeks fillers, combined with upper or lower eyelids surgery, can create a transformational overall refreshed appearance. Our philosophy of "achieving optimal results with minimal surgery" is something that many of our patients appreciate. Sometimes rather than opting for upper lids surgery, Dr. Lee recommends just Botox to the forehead and crow's area to provide a more uplifted eyes appearance but also to prevent further brow droop caused by ongoing facial expressions. Dr. Lee has spent 15+ years performing over 12,000+ eyelids surgeries and honed and evolved his surgical techniques. So trust your most valuable facial feature to a renowned oculo facial plastic surgeon and his team of expert providers for total facial rejuvenation using Botox and facial fillers like Juvederm, Voluma and Restylane. Anyone searching for Cosmetic Facial Treatments or Surgery in the Main Line or Philadelphia area, should definitely consider Dr. Lee and his team of highly experienced providers.

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