Philadelphia plastic surgeon Dr. John Lee understands how important your eyes are to your overall confidence in your facial appearance. Your eyes are often what people notice first about you. Attractive, compelling, youthful eyes can make a striking first impression.

As part of his facial plastic surgery practice, Dr. Lee offers procedures designed to enhance the attractiveness of your eyes. Those are:

  • Blepharoplasty: With upper eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, Dr. Lee can correct drooping eyelids and restore the area to a youthful, vibrant appearance. Drooping, tired-looking eyes can guarantee that people don’t see the energy and vitality you possess. Upper eyelid surgery is a relatively quick procedure that typically allows you to go home the same day.
  • Lower eyelid surgery: Baggy, puffy eyelids can make you look fatigued and unenergetic. Plastic surgery can help. In a lower eyelid surgery, Dr. Lee will remove excess skin and fat and eliminate the problems about which you are concerned. Recovery time from this procedure is short.

It’s important when considering any plastic surgery to find a doctor who is experienced with the procedures. This is especially true for surgery around the eyes.

If you want examples of Dr. Lee’s work, please visit our blepharoplasty gallery and for pictures of patients who have undergone lower eyelid surgery visit our lower eyelid surgery gallery.

If you live in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area and you want to learn how plastic surgery can rejuvenate the appearance of your eyes, please contact Dr. John J. W. Lee, M.D., FACS today.