What a horrible, antiquated phrase! The idea behind this statement is much more general: there are several ways in which we may accomplish a specific goal. We utter it because it applies to the desire than many of our patients have a renewed sense of confidence about their facial aesthetic. In a time that feels much more “long ago” than it is, the way to recapture an appearance of youthfulness was to undergo facelift surgery. Today, there are many more options to consider.

Effectiveness through Focus

In many cases of dissatisfaction, the primary area of concern expressed by a patient has to do with aging eyes. There are a few reasons that the appearance of the eyes changes with age. Ultimately, the problem boils down to a loss of collagen and other supportive biochemicals. Without resilience, the skin and superficial tissue around the eyes lose tightness. This leads to drooping of the brow, and heaviness across the upper eyelids. Another prominent area of concern is the lower eyelid, which can become puffy with fatty deposits poorly held by connective tissue.

A large area of focus in our practice is eyelid surgery. Blepharoplasty may involve the removal of excess tissue on the upper eyelids as well as the lower. In some cases, addressing just one of these areas makes an enormous difference in appearance.

Consultation with an experienced cosmetic surgeon is a significant aspect of a satisfactory outcome because, in some situations, the problem is not the eyelid itself, but the muscle tension localized around the brow line. Often, when the brow is the main concern, a quick Botox or Dysport treatment may suffice. While injectables are popular, though, there is a growing interest in the longevity provided only by surgical lifting.

What about the lower face? Dr. Lee specializes in brow and eyelid procedures. That does not mean patients cannot address concerns such as jowls, sunken cheeks, or a double chin in our office near Philadelphia. With innovative techniques using dermal fillers and neuromodulators, Dr. Lee helps patients turn back the hands of time without the undertaking of an entire facelift.

Are you ready to take a step towards your younger self? We’d be happy to help you. Call our Bryn Mawr office to discuss treatment options for facial rejuvenation.