So much attention is given to certain parts of the face, such as the eyes or the lips, that it is easy to forget that beauty does not stem from any one area, but from overall symmetry. Skilled cosmetic surgeons know this, and they harness proven procedures, technologies, and techniques to provide each patient with the level of care needed to draw beauty from the inside out. One way that we do this is by shaping under projected chins with dermal fillers.

Chin definition is an important aspect of facial balance. The chin directly affects the appearance of the nose and the mouth. When definition exists along the jawline, other facial features are brought into balance more easily. When it does not, there is a sense of weakness about the face. Historically, a weak chin has been made better through chin implant surgery. In our Bryn Mawr Facial Aesthetics Center, patients have a different choice: chin augmentation with dermal filler.

There is Only One Reason This Can Be Done

Make no mistake, chin augmentation, with fillers or with surgery, is an intricate process. The goal is to correct weakness by adding definition without making a face look artificial. The reason that chin augmentation with fillers is available is not that of the power of fillers themselves, but because certain physicians have perfected the art of facial contouring. Dr. Lee has performed thousands of facial procedures and is extremely familiar with facial anatomy, including bone structure, muscle movements, and the location of important vessels. To be clear, chin augmentation is an option only when you obtain treatment from a master injector with years of experience.

Elongating and strengthening the chin with dermal filler product such as Voluma can achieve noticeable improvement in just one visit. By targeting specific areas along the jawline or on the point of the chin, Dr. Lee can increase the appearance of forwarding projection, and may even be able to create a tightened appearance just below the chin.

Non-surgical chin augmentation may be the treatment you have been needing. Learn more about this approach to facial contouring, as well as chin implant surgery by scheduling your consultation with us.