Skincare products. There are so many of them these days that the options can be overwhelming. Every magazine holds countless advertisements for the latest and greatest. Every time you turn on the television, you will be handed vital information about a new skincare product, or one that you may have been using for several years. There is value in information, yes, but it is also vital that the information obtained is not one-sided. Here, we want to put some attention on medical grade skincare versus what you normally see on television and in magazines.

Medical grade skin care products are not mass made for purchase in retail outlets. These products are only available through a medical spa or dermatologist’s office. Here is the first key to the value of any medical skincare line. So, the question is, why are these products only available in the medical setting? Another vital question to ask is “what could medical grade skincare do for me?”

  • Products classified as medical grade are so because they contain the highest concentration of active ingredients. Active ingredients are what get the job done. These include substances such as salicylic acid, peptides, and retinoids. You can know which ingredients make up the most of any product just by looking at the ingredient list. Those that are listed first are what is in highest concentration in that product.
  • Medical grade skincare reaches beneath the surface. Over-the-counter skin care products, just like professional products, must be approved for specific use. Those that are sold commercially affect the uppermost layers of the dermis. Medical grade products are formulated to penetrate the surface of the skin to affect change at the foundation.
  • Products sold in a medical spa or dermatology office have been proven through extensive clinical testing. This is a powerful testament to the efficacy and safety of any given product.
  • Professional assistance facilitates the best results. It is important to remember that your skin is not like anyone else’s. Choosing a skin care product that works with the pH and other characteristics of your skin is not something to do alone.

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