Your recovery after cosmetic surgery might be just as important as the planning, preparation, and the procedure itself. Once your surgery is done, the way your take care of yourself can help get you back to your regular activities and looking great.

It’s important to let yourself heal and not rush the recovery process, as you want to avoid complications and anything that will interfere with a great result. Your main priority at this time is to recover right. Here are some tips to help you enjoy the best recovery:

  • Be prepared for recovery before your procedure. Recovery actually starts as soon as you decide to have cosmetic surgery. Ask your surgeon about what to expect after surgery in terms of bandages, wound care, and pain. Your surgeon can also help you plan when you might be ready to work and other normal activities.
    • Arrange a ride home. If you’re receiving anesthesia or pain medicine (you probably are if you’re undergoing any procedure considered a surgery), you won’t be able to drive home after. Find a friend or family member who can drive you. It’s a good idea to also have someone stay with you for at least the first night.
    • Ask your surgeon about what to avoid during recovery. For example, incisions and other treatments can leave skin very sensitive to sun. Your surgeon will probably recommend that you stay out of the sun for a period after a cosmetic procedure and cover up any time you must go out. Also ask your surgeon about bathing safely and recommendations for the types of lotions, cleansers, and other products to use on your skin.
    • Take pain medication as your doctor prescribes. If you’re having trouble with pain, call your doctor—don’t take more medication than prescribed without asking your doctor first.
    • Know what types of complications to watch for and when to call your doctor. Cosmetic surgery can be performed very safely, but there’s risk of infection with any procedure that requires an incision. Ask your surgeon about signs of infection and any other symptoms that require medical attention.

These topics and more can be answered during your plastic surgery consultation. Learn more here.