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Asian Crease and Double Eyelid Surgery

Asian Crease and Double Eyelid Surgery

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Case ID: 0176

Front: Asian Crease Revision Surgery

Asian Crease Revision Surgery was performed to achieve desired results. This patient had surgery in Korea and was not happy with the unnaturally high and harsh/very deep crease. The previous surgeon also removed too much fat and caused a sunken look that is not aesthetically pleasing especially for a man. Fortunately, the patient had some excess skin so Dr. Lee was able to remove the scar created by the previous surgery, lower the crease height and also relocate fat around the eyes to the crease line to help resolve the sunken appearance. The result is a crease height that is more appropriate for an Asian anatomy and a softer more natural appearance. (After photos were taken 3 Months after surgery/procedure).     Approximate Procedure Time: 2.0 Hours.

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