Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Facial Cosmetic Surgery in main line, Philadelphia & Bryn Mawr

Cosmetic Facial Surgery | Dr. John Lee Philadelphia & Bryn Mawr Pennsylvania Dr. John JW Lee MD, FACS focuses his practice on facial cosmetic surgery, especially eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) and brow lift surgery. Dr. Lee is a "TOP 250 Provider"(top 1% in the country!) Botox and Juvederm provider in the country. While most general cosmetic surgeons operate on the entire face and body, while Dr. John Lee focuses entirely on eyelids and brows. His specialization allows for the highest quality service with the best results at an affordable price.  Dr. John Lee is one of the most experienced facial cosmetic surgeons in the Philadelphia and Bryn Mawr area. Don't trust your best features to anyone other than the best. Please view the following information about specific facial procedures. If you are interested in speaking with Dr. John Lee, please schedule your initial consultation today.

Facial Procedure Options

Here are some of the advanced types of facial plastic surgery procedures we offer. Click the different procedures below for additional information:

Common Questions About Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. John Lee has unrivaled experience and is one of the foremost respected surgeons in the facial cosmetic surgeries and he has put together guides to help alleviate any concerns you may have about facial procedures or before you visit our Bryn Mawr facility, close to Philadelphia.

Keeping Facial Surgery Costs Affordable

Dr. John Lee believes that all patients deserve to look and feel their very best and is pleased to work with our patients to help ensure they receive the treatments they deserve at an affordable cost. An average procedure typically ranges between $2,600-$4,200, includes all post operative care. Most procedures are performed in our office surgical suite so there is no add'l facility cost. Patients with serious medical history or have anxiety issues will have their procedures performed in an outpatient hospital setting and will incur a additional cost for the facility use.

What makes A Good Candidate for Eyelid and brow cosmetic surgery

Dr. John Lee prides himself on helping clients look as young as they feel. Some things to consider; be in generally good health, be prepared for a surgical procedure and recovery time, be prepared to follow all of Dr. Lee’s pre and post-operative instructions, and have realistic expectations.

How To Maintain the results of your procedure

Dr. John Lee has years of experience ensuring you receive the best results, but to maintain the results you should continue living a healthy active lifestyle. Best practices for your skin to follow even if you don't receive any brow or eyelid cosmetic surgery:
  • Avoiding excess sun exposure – UV light increases the rate at which your skin ages
  • If you've undergone eyelid surgery, wear sunglasses to protect the sensitive areas around the eyes
  • Continue to avoid smoking
  • Limit your consumption of alcohol

Understanding Anesthesia

Many people are anxious about anesthesia, but what makes The Bryn Mawr Facial Aesthetic Center different is most of our procedures can be performed under local anesthesia with IV sedation. Although general anesthesia is still used in certain situations, it is not usually the default option anymore.

Read Others' Experience with Facial Cosmetic Surgery Performed by Dr. John Lee

Dr. Lee does great cosmetic work with botox and fillers. I am very satisfied how everything turned out. I went to him originally for botox and then decided at a later time to try some filler around my mouth area. He did a great job and I look like me only way better. - Debra, Scranton, PA
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