If there are any bags we’d like to unpack as quickly as possible, it is the bags that cause the eyes to look tired and unfriendly. The concern that men and women have for the appearance of their eyes is no secret; we’ve sought ways to preserve the appearance of youth since the dawn of time! Over centuries of trial and error, some remedies for under eye bags have been formulated. Because some have persisted for so long, it is easy to believe they have merit. We’re going to dive into this right here and now.

Cucumbers for Smoother Eyes?

We’ve all seen images of the pampered person lying back with cucumbers over his or her eyes. The idea behind this remedy is that the cold temperature of cucumber slices alleviates irritation and inflammation. Cold is also capable of constricting blood vessels. Final verdict: If you want to gain a sense of relaxation, sit back with those cool cucumbers. Just don’t expect under eye bags to go away.

Beauty Sleep for Beautiful Eyes

It’s true that we all need to sleep well. After a late night, or one spent tossing and turning, the eyes may look particularly haggard. If under eye bags are a persistent problem, it is said that sleeping face up with the head propped on an extra pillow may help. Final verdict: Good sleep habits are beneficial for health and wellbeing. If bags are related to fatigue and fluid retention, sleep may achieve a slight improvement, but not the full correction of puffiness.

Eating for Beauty

There are, in fact, many nutrients in whole foods that have a positive effect on the skin. The biotin in eggs and avocados, for instance, supports skin health. Salmon contains the carotenoid astaxanthin, which fights fine lines and wrinkles. Final verdict: Eating well is beneficial on several levels. Can it prevent or correct under eye bags, though? Probably not.

For Noticeable Results, See your Bryn Mawr Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr. Lee focuses his services on issues related to the eyes and brows because he has seen the immense value of eyelid rejuvenation for a graceful aging process. Our practice also performs non-surgical services such as injectables, which have been proven effective at the immediate correction of under eye bags (and also drooping brows).

Home remedies are great for sooth tired eyes. If you want your eyes to look like they did ten years ago, call our office to see how we can make that happen.