When you are choosing a plastic surgeon, reading reviews is important in order to get a fair idea of the skill level the surgeon possesses. Unfortunately, reviews can sometimes be misleading, so it’s equally important that you know how to evaluate them objectively. The first thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t place too much emphasis on a few reviews, whether good or bad. You’ll need to read several reviews to get a good sense of what a surgeon is really like, and what the average experience at their practice is.

Even bad plastic surgeons can get patients who had a positive experience, and good plastic surgeons are bound to come across at least one disgruntled patient from time to time. Additionally, a practice may post fake positive reviews for themselves, while a competitor submits negative ones. Be sure to read as many reviews as possible for a particular surgeon. If you are bothered by a very bad review of a surgeon who otherwise seems like a good option, bring up the review during your personal consultation with them.

It’s also helpful to look for the details when reading reviews. Pinpoint the descriptions people provide about their experience, paying attention to things like:

  • How well the plastic surgeon listened to them
  • How helpful the consultation was
  • How they feel about their final results
  • How the plastic surgeon handled any complaints

More importantly still, make sure the patient wrote the review well after their procedure. Reviews that were written before surgery, or just a few days after surgery will not be useful in determining the quality of the patient’s overall results.

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