If you are considering Philadelphia plastic surgery or plastic surgery in the nearby areas, you should meet with our experienced cosmetic surgeon Dr. John J.W. Lee to discuss whether plastic surgery is right for you. Considerations to discuss with our surgeon may include:

  • Recovery considerations: Every plastic surgery procedure requires some amount of downtime from work and social activities. The length of this downtime varies by procedure. As part of preparing to elect plastic surgery, you should learn about the recovery from the procedure and make sure you are ready to dedicate time to resting and healing.
  • Financial preparedness: There are financing options for plastic surgery, and our office can discuss these options with you as well as the details of costs, fees and payment options. As part of electing plastic surgery, you should prepare for the financial considerations, whether you choose financing or payment up front.
  • Realistic expectations: When you elect a plastic surgery procedure, you should know exactly what you can expect in terms of a final outcome. Plastic surgery can achieve a diverse range of cosmetic goals, but it cannot make you look like another person or solve problems you may be facing in your personal life. You and Dr. Lee can discuss what cosmetic results you can expect from the plastic surgery procedures you are considering.

To learn more about our Philadelphia plastic surgery procedures, please contact John J.W. Lee, MD, FACS, to schedule a consultation.