Plastic surgery continues to grow in popularity for many reasons. Technology in this field of medicine continues to improve, so more and more people are less wary of having that cosmetic procedure they’ve been considering. There is also less downtime and more procedure options than ever before. Nevertheless, some people make better candidates than others when it comes to undergoing cosmetic surgery. To follow are some of the reasons you may be a good candidate.

  • You’re in good health. If you have diabetes, high blood pressure, heart or lung disease or bleeding disorders, you may be advised to avoid cosmetic surgery. That’s because these disorders can increase your chances of infection, anesthesia problems, and your ability to heal properly. If you exercise regularly and are free of these health problems, you could be an ideal candidate for surgery.
  • You’re not overweight. It’s best to be close to your optimal weight before undergoing cosmetic surgery. Otherwise, you may have loose skin after your procedure, which can thwart the benefits you hoped to gain from surgery in the first place.
  • You don’t smoke. Smoking and cosmetic surgery do not go hand in hand. It can leave you prone to pneumonia, reduces your blood flow to impede healing, and lengthens your recovery time. If you smoke, kick the habit before you have surgery.
  • You have a good support system. After surgery, you’ll need plenty of rest as you heal. For the first couple of weeks, enlist help from family and friends with daily activities, grocery shopping and housework.
  • You have realistic expectations. It would be unrealistic to think that cosmetic surgery is going to change your life; however, it can give you greater self-confidence. Some good reasons to have cosmetic surgery are when you’re doing it for yourself (not someone else), you don’t look as young as you feel, you’re told you look tired or angry all the time, or you desire an improved appearance.

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