For many years, Botox has been used to improve the cosmetic appearance of lines and wrinkles with impressive results. However, misconceptions about the procedure are still prevalent. If you’re thinking about Botox but are unsure of what is true or not, read on for the facts (and fiction) surrounding the procedure.

What you need to know about Botox:

Myth: Botox injections are painful
FACT: For most people, the only discomfort they feel is a slight pinch during the injection, which is done using a very fine needle to inject a small amount of liquid. Some treatments require more injections than others to get the desired effect, which means more pinches. While this can be uncomfortable, it lasts just a few seconds.

MYTH: Botox is just for wrinkles.
FACT: Botox can be an effective solution for conditions that extend far beyond the cosmetic. Botox injections have been used to block sweat glands to curb excessive underarm sweating, treat migraines, and alleviate problems like eyelid muscle spasms and overactive bladder.

MYTH: Botox is unsafe.
FACT: Botox first received FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approval in the late 1980s to treat a variety of medical conditions. In 2002, Botox was approved for cosmetic procedures, paving the way for millions to take advantage of Botox injections safely and effectively. Only an experienced and qualified doctor should administer Botox injections to ensure your safety.

MYTH: Only women get Botox injections.
FACT: More and more often, men are choosing to have Botox treatments. Wrinkles on the face, for example, can not only make men look older but can make them appear angry. By smoothing facial lines with Botox injections, men may appear more youthful and more approachable.

MYTH: Your wrinkles will get worse if you stop getting Botox.
FACT: You can stop getting Botox injections anytime you want and your wrinkles will not get worse. When you stop Botox treatments, your wrinkles will just go back to the way they were prior to treatment with no negative side effects.

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