If you feel like your eyes have a tired, aged appearance, then you may be a good candidate for eyelid surgery, or possibly a brow lift. To revive your facial appearance and restore more youthful eyes, eyelid surgery addresses the following:

  • Drooping upper or lower eyelids
  • Excess eyelid skin
  • Sagging bags under your eyes
  • Puffy eyelids caused by fat deposits

If you are displeased with one or more of the characteristics listed above, eyelid surgery may be right for you. Because the eyes have such a profound effect on the entire face, eyelid surgery can dramatically rejuvenate and refresh the appearance of your face.

Eyelid surgery removes the excess eyelid skin that causes sagging. Sometimes the upper eyelids droop to such a degree that vision may be obscured. Upper eyelid surgery eliminates the sagging skin and fat deposits around the upper eye. Lower eyelid surgery reduces puffiness, bags, dark circles and excess skin around the lower eye. Combining eyelid surgery with a brow lift can prevent the brow from drooping down toward the eyes, which can cause more sagginess around the upper eye.

For more information about Maryland eyelid surgery and to find out if the procedure is right for your goals, please contact John J.W. Lee, MD, FACS, to schedule a consultation.