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Philadelphia plastic surgeon John J.W. Lee, MD, is an oculo facial plastic surgeon practicing in the western suburb or "Main Line" just outside of Philadelphia, PA. Our practice is focused on eyelids and brow lift surgeries, along with a very busy facial injection practice utilizing Botox, Dysport and facial fillers. Our practice is an Allergan certified TOP 100 (TOP 1%) provider of Botox, Juvederm and Voluma treatments in the United States. This means that Dr. Lee is among THE MOST experienced provider performing injections in the United States. We spend the time to educate our patients thoroughly regarding the products that we use and cater each treatment plan to meet each individual's needs.

Our Botox price is $12 per unit (with a minimum of $300) with Dr. Castelli and his nurse providers, and  $13 per unit (with a minimum of $600) with Dr. Lee's micro dot technique  - An unbeatable price by a provider who is a facial plastic surgeon with over 15 years of injection experience! Dr. Lee's philosophy of providing optimal results at an affordable price is the reason behind our practice's success. Dr. Lee is known for his cannula filler injection technique. He performs ALL his filler treatments using this advanced injection technique. He has been performing cannula treatments for over a decade. He performs ALL his filler treatments using this advanced injection technique. Cannula treatments allow Dr. Lee to inject fillers more superficially which provides more lift or fullness while using less product- which saves you money. Cannula method also minimizes risk of bruising and lumpiness and adverse reactions caused by injecting filler to blood vessels. He is known for his tear trough, cheeks, liquid rhinoplasty, chin, lips (painless and natural results) and lower face.  Experience the difference in your injection results when performed by an eyelids & brow lift surgery expert who is considered one of the most experienced and skilled injector in the country.


Facial Plastic Surgeon In Philadelphia

Eyelids surgery is the most popular facial cosmetic surgery procedure due to it's maximum impact and effectiveness in achieving a youthful and more alert appearance. Eyelids surgery is popular with both men and women since many seek this procedure for a sense of well-being rather then just vanity. Eyelids surgery is considered the most challenging cosmetic procedure due to the delicate and detailed nature of the procedure. Eyelids have a medical function to protect ones eyes so possessing a thorough knowledge of the eyelids anatomy is crucial to achieve the optimal aesthetic result without compromising it's medical function.

Dr. Lee has spent over a decade operating on eyelids and brows and has honed and evolved his surgical techniques. By performing over 10,000 eyelids & brow lift procedure, he has honed his surgical skills and has developed advanced surgical techniques that provides his patients more effective results with minimal recovery.  So trust your most valuable facial feature to an oculo facial plastic surgeon like Dr. Lee who is an expert in performing eyelid and brow surgeries & Cosmetic Surgery in Philadelphia.


Dr. Lee does great cosmetic work with botox and fillers. I am very satisfied how everything turned out. I went to him originally for botox and then decided at a later time to try some filler around my mouth area. He did a great job and I look like me only way better.

Debra, Scranton, PA

I was extremely pleased with the Botox injections that I received from Dr. Lee. I have had botox in the past and was never satisfied with the results. Since my brows are asymmetric to begin with , it seemed to be difficult to get an even result. The Botox injections that Dr Lee has given me not only evened my brows, but also looks great. I would definitely recommend Dr. Lee to other patients who are interested in receiving Botox injections.

Stephanie L., Sewell, NJ

I have gone to Dr. Lee several times now for BOTOX Cosmetic and I have also tried the Dysport. My results are always very natural looking as Dr. Lee knows how to place the injections for maximum results without a "frozen" look. Everyone notices that I look fresher but no one can tell it is from the injections unless I tell them! I have recommended Dr. Lee to many of my friends and family and will continue to do so.

Marilee W., Narbeth, PA

First~I want to commend you on the wonderful surgery you did on both my eyelids. They healed up nicely. You are such a wonderful doctor and a great person. We are all so lucky to have you in our area. Take care and God bless. Love ya!

Jeanne W., Scranton, PA

It means a lot to have a doctor show is as gifted and as caring as you are Dr. Lee. Hope you know how much you're appreciated. On behalf of the family of Dorothy L., thank you so much for the exceptional care and kindness you had shown during her recent eye surgery on April 9th. We truly appreciate your compassion.

Pat & Rebecca L., Philadelphia, PA

Thank you for the beautiful work you did in removing a very large cyst from our daughter's eyelids. It's almost impossible to tell any surgery was done. We're very grateful for your surgical skill and also your understanding of our daughter's anxiety and your kindness to her. Best wishes to you in all you do.

Dr. Gary & Pat R., Bryn Mawr, PA

Wishing you Christs' peace always. I am so very grateful for your surgical skill and artistry-I am amazed and so happy. Thank you!

Theresa B., Honesdale, PA

Dear Dr. Lee, you have extended many kindness toward me throughout the past few weeks, and I truly appreciate all you have done. People expect someone in your profession to be the best at what he does. Just because you are doesn't mean you don't deserve your patients to recognize your talent, work ethic and respect which is part of who you are. May you yourself experience much goodness in your life.

Sincerely, Mary D., Clarks Summit, PA



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