Asian Eyelid Surgery in Philadelphia

Eyelid Surgery

Dr. John J.W. Lee is a Korean Oculoplastics (cosmetic eyelid, facial plastic surgery) Surgeon practicing in the Philadelphia suburb area with a special interest in Double Eyelid Surgery, Asian Crease Eyelids Surgery. Dr. Lee's goal is to create a natural appearing double eyelid crease that flows in harmony with the rest of the face. The aim of Asian eyelid surgery is not to create westernized eyelids, but an Asian eyelid with a naturally appearing crease. View before & after Asian Crease Double Eyelid Surgery Pictures performed by Dr. Lee. There are only a handful of Korean oculoplastic surgeons in the United States who perform Asian eyelid surgery. Most people do not know that there is a field of medicine that deals ONLY with the eyelid and adjacent face. Double eyelid surgery (also called Asian blepharoplasty or eyelid westernization surgery) requires a thorough understanding of the Asian eyelid anatomy and Asian face. Dr. Lee employs these different techniques for Asian Eyelid Surgery depending on the patients needs. Thin lids can be treated with a minimal incision technique that has the advantage of almost no visible scarring and quicker recovery. Thicker lids or lids with excess skin and fat require larger incisions.

Three main procedures for Asian Eyelid Surgery:

  • The first method, involves making a full incision across the upper eyelid. The incision usually heals well and is minimally noticeable when fully healed. This technique requires the most recuperation time. Most patients will heal within two weeks, but sometimes require three to six months for complete healing. **This is Dr. Lee's preferred method and almost all his cases are performed using this method both for optimal and permanent results.
  • The second method, involves passing sutures back and forth through the eyelid without making an incision. This technique has the advantage of leaving no visible scar with immediate recovery. The disadvantage of the technique is that it is prone to reversing and sutures can sometimes erode under the eyelid and cause irritation. **Dr. Lee rarely performs this method since the likelihood of the crease coming undone- more then 30% of the cases. This method is ONLY appropriate for patients who do not have any excess skin, thin skin, high brow and wide eyes.
  • The third method, involves making several small incisions along the eyelid. This technique has the advantage of being able to remove fat and leaving a barely visible scar. The recovery is usually within one week and the external sutures dissolve. **Dr. Lee no longer performs this method due to the incision scar being more noticeable next to virgin, non-surgery skin.
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