Brow lift surgery is a procedure that involves pulling the brow and forehead skin upwards and tucking it using sutures, giving a tighter and more youthful look to the forehead and eyes. It is a relatively common facial cosmetic surgery that thousands of people opt for each year. There is a classic and an endoscopic procedure that you can choose from for your brow surgery. Your surgeon will be able to help you decide between the two based on factors like age and general health.

When Should You Think about Having a Brow Surgery?

There are a number of reasons why people decide to undergo brow lift surgery. Sometimes it is a personal choice, while at other times a doctor may suggest you to go for the procedure. You should think about going in for a brow lift when you have:

  • Sagging eyebrows: They can create a permanently grumpy, tired or sad expression on your face.
  • Furrow lines: Lines at the top of your nose and between your eyebrows that make you look permanently angry or annoyed.
  • Horizontal creases on your forehead: These creases make you look older and constantly worried.
  • Extra folds of skin: You are unable to properly use eye makeup due to the excess folds of skin sagging over your eyes and covering the eyelids.
  • Obstruction of vision: There is a large fold of fatty tissue or skin hanging over the eyes and obstructing vision or irritating your eyes.

Most people go for related procedures like eyelid surgery, a full facelift or get facial fillers along with a brow lift to even out the skin on their face and restore a youthful look.

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