Thanksgiving and Christmas are notorious for throwing a healthy diet off course. This season, use these tips and tricks to help you enjoy the season while not saying goodbye to your waistline.

Have a plan

Consistent cravings can be the most harmful to a healthy lifestyle because they always insist on making an appearance. The best defense is to plan. If you know you always want a donut on your way home from work, pack a healthy snack for you to eat on your drive instead. Sugarless gum is also helpful when the cravings come calling.

Find a healthy food substitute

That second piece of your grandma’s famous pumpkin pie may be calling your name, but you’ll feel lousy after you eat it. At Thanksgiving and Christmas parties, scout out the healthy foods and snacks when you arrive or bring your stash of nutritious snacks to stave off any cravings. When you eat nutritiously, you can eat more. For instance, instead of that small piece of the pie, opt for a larger colorful bowl of fruit.

Find something else to do

If the cravings hit—and sometimes they hit with a vengeance—distract yourself with hobby or activity unrelated to food. You’ll find that sometimes you’re not hungry you’re just bored. A plan by making a list of things you can do instead of satisfying your sweet tooth like write Christmas cards to family and friends, go for a walk, do some online shopping, or clean out your junk drawer.

Use portion control

The trick to not being a slave to your cravings is not to go crazy when you let yourself enjoy a special dessert. Some people may be able to go cold turkey, but that is often unrealistic for most to put into practice. Instead, allow yourself the occasional holiday treat, just don’t treat yourself every single day.

Schedule a consultation

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