If you’re in the Philadelphia area and looking to enhance your own facial features with a nonsurgical cosmetic procedure that provides natural-looking and lasting results, you should visit Dr. John Lee for a treatment with dermal fillers.


Dermal fillers are gel-like substances that are injected beneath your skin to smooth out lines and wrinkles and add a fuller, firmer appearance to your skin. Dr. Lee offers the following dermal fillers:

  • Juvederm is best used to add volume to your lips, nasal labial fold and overall volume building for the face. Juvederm ultra plus version is used most often on the nasal labial folds at the corners of your mouth and Juvederm is best for lip injections due to it’s softer consistency.
  • Restylane is recommended to areas that need fine sculpting rather than just volume building like the lower eyelids tear trough area. Restylane does not swell up and is less likely to appear puffy under the thin eyelids skin.
  • Perlane is comprised of larger particles than Restylane and is used for wrinkles that require a deeper injection into your skin. Dr. Lee prefers Perlane over Juvederm for patients who have very deep depths in their nasal labial fold areas and also around the cheeks.


Dr. Lee is within the top 5 percent of dermal filler injectors – a diamond injector with Allergan (the makers of BOTOX® and Juvederm). And for your comfort, he will apply anesthetic cream at your injection site to reduce any pain that may accompany your injection.


If you would like to explore your dermal filler options with a Philadelphia plastic surgeon, please contact Dr. John J. W. Lee to schedule your initial consultation.