As we age most of us develop some degree of under-eye bags. Fat in the area, coupled with sun damage to the skin, declining collagen production, and sagging from normal aging all work together to make these bags more and more noticeable. Thanks to genetic predisposition, even young people can develop under-eye bags.

Regardless of the reasons, no one is happy to see these bags and circles under our eyes.

As a board-certified ophthalmologist and fellowship trained oculoplastic surgeon, Dr. Lee can address the problem with lower eyelid surgery.

Why do these eye bags develop?

Eye bags consist of fatty tissue. Unlike other areas of the body, fat in our lower eye area typically has nothing to do with your overall body weight or diet. Bags develop when this fatty tissue from the eye socket begins to protrude, bulge, or even move out of place as we age. Patients often assume their bags are fluid and their puffiness is variable. Not so much.

To address undereye bags, and general sagging in the lower eyelids, Dr. Lee performs lower blepharoplasty.

What does lower eyelid surgery accomplish?

 These procedures with Dr. Lee are very effective at rejuvenating the eyes and the area immediately beneath them. 

  •     Lower eyelid bags are significantly improved
  •     Sagging eyelids and excess skin are tightened
  •     The entire lower eyelid area is rejuvenated
  •     Incisions can be made just under the eyelashes or inside of the eyelid
  •     Scarring is virtually invisible after healing

What is recovery like after lower eyelid surgery? 

These are not difficult recoveries for our patients. We provide you with a cold compress, and if you use it diligently your swelling and bruising is minimal. There is little pain after these procedures; patients typically only require over-the-counter pain medication to manage their discomfort. Bruising can descend into the cheeks, but any bruising and swelling usually runs its course over the first week. After two weeks, it resolves completely. 

Do you want to do something about those bags under your eyes that you’ve been seeing on your Zoom meetings? Now that we’re finally getting past this virus, maybe now’s the time. Call Dr. Lee at (610) 789-6701 to schedule a consultation for eyelid surgery.