If you are looking for a more natural tightening of your midface with less recovery time than traditional cosmetic surgery provides, the Silhouette Sutures® could provide your nonsurgical alternative to facelift surgery. Dr. John Lee has completed training through Silhouette and is a recommended provider for this cosmetic procedure.


Silhouette Sutures provide amazing results with little downtime because they don’t require an invasive cosmetic surgery. The sutures are used in what some refer to as a lunch-time face lift.  Performed under local anesthesia, the Silhouette Lift™ uses biocompatible, suspension sutures that provide long lasting results and cause less trauma to the delicate skin around your face than a traditional facelift would.


The Silhouette Sutures are made from polypropylene, which has been used in cardio vascular and ophthalmic surgery for decades. In an FDA approved procedure, Dr. Lee can use the Silhouette sutures to give you a natural-looking facelift in much less time and with less recovery than traditional facelift procedures.


If you are looking for a good cosmetic surgery alternative to the traditional facelift, please contact Dr. John J. W. Lee to schedule your initial consultation with a Philadelphia plastic surgeon to see if Silhouette Sutures are right for you.

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