You’ve taken the plunge and had a facelift procedure. No doubt, the decision wasn’t entered into lightly. After all, your face and your pocket book are both affected greatly. The good news is your improved appearance will leave you feeling more confident and invigorated. But first, you’ll need some downtime to safely recover. Here’s how to help you heal well from your facelift without complications.

Stay Elevated
Because of the swelling to your face, it’s important that you sleep with your head elevated by more pillows than you would normally use. This elevation will help to reduce the swelling and help drain fluids, getting you on the road to looking more normal much sooner.

Don’t Overdo It
Doing anything that causes blood to rush to your face is a no-no. This goes for bending over to pick up heavy items especially. Overexertion in general should be avoided to prevent complications.

Don’t Stay Stationary
While overexertion is off limits, staying immobile is also not good for the healing process. Take time to walk around periodically, even if it’s for a few minutes, to help with blood circulation.

Be Patient
Your face won’t look perfect after you wake up from your facelift procedure and this is normal. You’ll experience some pain, bruising and swelling. Recognizing that recovery takes time is key. If you feel unwell and are in pain, don’t take it as a warning sign. Instead, just let it run its course, and keep in mind that you won’t feel this way forever.

Stay Healthy
This means avoiding drinking alcohol and abstaining from smoking. It’s also a good idea to maintain a balanced diet full of nutritious fare in order to help you heal quickly and safely.

Know the Warning Signs
If you notice redness around your face that looks more excessive than it should, or if you experience cold or flu-like symptoms, you may have an infection. Call your doctor for a follow-up visit as soon as possible.

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