Ptosis is a common condition wherein the upper eyelid droops, sometimes even causing difficulty in seeing clearly. Ptosis can occur in the eyelid of one eye or in both eyes and it may be very visible or barely noticeable. Although drooping eyelids are a common consequence of aging, ptosis can also occur in young adults and sometimes, even in children.

The most significant problem that individuals suffering from this problem face is that they may have to look up, tilting their head to see without their vision being obstructed by the drooping eyelid. Others get into the habit of lifting their eyebrows repeatedly in order to lift the eyelids and thus see better. Blepharoplasty or upper eyelid surgery is a simple surgical procedure that can eliminate this problem.

What causes ptosis?

There are several factors that can cause drooping eyelids or ptosis. They include:

  • Congenital ptosis: Ptosis may exist in an individual from birth, as a congenital problem, in which case it becomes evident in early childhood and should be corrected at this stage to avoid other problems like amblyopia from arising.
  • Aging: Drooping eyelids are a common consequence of aging. Upper eyelid surgery is a popular treatment choice for regaining a youthful appearance and many individuals opt for this procedure along with their Dysport treatment.
  • Weak muscles: Injuries to the eye or eye area can result in drooping eyelids especially if they have damaged the muscles around the eyes. In some patients, the muscles that lift the yield fail to work perfectly because of their facial anatomy. These problems can be rectified via reconstructive surgery too.
  • Tumors: Eye tumors can cause the eyelids to droop extensively, impairing the sight of the individual. A comprehensive eye exam by your ophthalmologist is the most effective way to detect tumors and to understand how they can be treated.

Whether your drooping eyelids are the cause of injury or natural causes, it is necessary to correct the conditions quickly. Otherwise this condition can pave the way for excessive eye strain or deteriorating vision.

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