If you’re considering cosmetic surgery, you know that it’s a major decision. After all, a lot of time and money goes into this very serious (and very permanent) procedure. To achieve the best possible results, check out the following guidelines to prepare for cosmetic surgery.

Do Your Homework
There is a lot of information floating around the internet about cosmetic surgery but proceed with caution. Before undergoing any procedure, the best thing to do is arm yourself with credible information from reputable sites like those of national medical organizations, as well as consulting with your surgeon in a clinical setting.

Maintain a Healthy Weight
It’s important to be at a healthy body weight prior to undergoing cosmetic surgery. That’s because weight loss after surgery, particularly in body and breast procedures, can produce less predictable results due to excess skin that wasn’t there pre-surgery.

Don’t Smoke
If you smoke, you put yourself at greater risk for complications when it comes to healing. Smoking decreases blood supply to the tissues, which delays healing and makes you more prone to infection. Quitting smoking at least one month before surgery, as well as one month after the procedure, has been shown to reduce the risk of complications.

Abstain from Anti-inflammatories
Taking certain medications like Advil, Aleve and other anti-inflammatories can up the risk of bleeding or other complications during anesthesia and surgery. Stop taking anti-inflammatories at least one week before your procedure.

Prepare for Down Time
You will need plenty of rest and help from others following your surgery. This means taking time off work, arranging for help with small children, and enlisting someone to stay with you for the first few days as you start to recover. Exercise, heavy lifting or any kind of strenuous activity is off limits for at least a month after surgery to prevent bleeding and other complications with healing. The key is to rest easy and avoid overdoing it for best possible outcomes.

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