Dr. John Lee is proud to be ranked in the top two percent of BOTOX® Cosmetic injectors nationwide, a distinction that parent company Allergan calls Diamond Level. Dr. Lee has helped countless patients in the Main Line area of Pennsylvania rejuvenate their faces with BOTOX, and you too might be able to benefit from this popular cosmetic treatment.

BOTOX® Cosmetic is a very cost-effective treatment for relieving lines and wrinkles in your face. Dr. Lee always offers a price per unit of $11, a savings of $5 to $10 compared to other providers in or around Main Line.

Though the price for a single unit will remain the same, the full cost of your BOTOX® treatment will depend on which part of the body you’d like rejuvenated. Here is the number of units necessary for effective treatment, as well as the general price range, for some of the most common injection sites:

  • Forehead: 10 to 15 units for $100 to $150
  • Wrinkles at corners of the eyes: Sometimes referred to as crow’s feet; typically 20 units at $200
  • Space between eyebrows: Also called the glabellar region; FDA-approved minimum for three months of effective treatment is 20 units, with a minimum price of $200
  • Jaw line: Approximately 50 units, $500

The results from BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment can last three to four months. Injections to the jaw line can last even longer, slimming and contouring for up to six months.

To learn more about BOTOX and how it can restore youthfulness to your face affordably, please contact John J.W. Lee, M.D., FACS, or call 610-789-6701 to schedule your initial consultation. Our office is located in Bryn Mawr and serves patients throughout the Main Line area.