Choosing to undergo plastic surgery is a big step – one that you likely haven’t entered into lightly. You’ve made the choice to do something for yourself to help improve your appearance and build greater confidence. So once you’ve made this life changing decision, here are some helpful tips to help you prepare for the big day and improve your recovery time.

Get Healthy First
Before you undergo any elective surgery, including a cosmetic procedure, it’s important that you’re in good health. That’s because your immune system needs to be at its best to help fend off infection and promote a speedy recovery.

Drink Plenty of Water
This is a good idea all the time, and it definitely holds true prior to surgery. Try to up your water intake to 6 to 8 glasses a day to help cleanse your body and stay hydrated. However, your doctor will instruct you to not drink anything after midnight on the day of your surgery.

Eat More Protein
Protein is an important healing element, which helps build new tissue and blood vessels, as well as repair injured tissue and produce blood cells that heal wounds. Up your protein intake by eating lean cuts of meat, fish, poultry and beans. If you don’t eat meat, consider adding protein powder to yogurt or smoothies.

Abstain from Alcohol and Tobacco
Tobacco products can impede the healing process by getting in the way of proper air flow to your blood cells. And alcohol suppresses your immune system. Avoid smoking and drinking prior to your surgery for the best chance at a safe and speedy recover.

Gather a Support System
You won’t be able to be self-sufficient for the first week or so following surgery, so it’s important that you look to your family and friends to help you with everything from household chores, to trips to the doctor. This time will also require emotional support, so having loved ones close by is ideal.

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