There are many reasons men and women seek facial plastic surgery. In general, you may be interested in facial plastic surgery to rejuvenate and refresh your facial appearance, or you may want to modify a certain facial feature. Whatever your motivation, we encourage you to visit our Maryland facial surgeon Dr. John Lee for a consultation to discuss your cosmetic facial goals.

Some of the most common reasons plastic surgery candidates seek surgery are:

  • Sagging skin around the eyes, brow, cheeks, nose and jawline
  • Wrinkles and fine lines throughout the face
  • Fatty deposits forming bags beneath the eyes
  • Dissatisfaction with the way aging has affected the face
  • Desire to restore a more youthful, vivacious facial appearance

If there is something about your face you would like to change, facial plastic surgery may be the right way to do so. The only way to know for sure is to visit our experienced facial surgeon for an evaluation of your face and a discussion of what you would like to see different.

To find out if our Maryland facial plastic surgery procedures can achieve the aesthetic results you want to see, please contact John J.W. Lee, MD, FACS, to schedule a consultation.