In Bryn Mawr, our patients have strong feelings about the Flyers or the Penguins, Penn State or Pitt, the Steelers or the Eagles. But women have universally strong feelings about eyelashes. Everyone would like fuller, darker eyelashes, but genetics usually have something else in mind. How else can you explain the irritating need to apply mascara, or worse, false eyelashes!

But there is a way to actually grow thicker, darker eyelashes without having to make some sort of contract with the devil! It’s called Latisse and is available from Dr. Lee. Latisse is the first and only FDA-approved prescription treatment for growing longer, fuller, darker eyelashes.

How does Latisse grow eyelashes?

When most people first hear of Latisse and its eyelash-growing promises, they think of a huckster from the Old West, touting his latest elixir to cure any ills affecting a person.

But Latisse is the real deal. It is clinically proven to actually grow longer, darker, thicker eyelashes. The discovery of Latisse was accidental, as many discoveries are. Scientists at Alergan were working on an eyedrop to relieve intraocular pressure in the eye. Subjects in the test found that their eyelashes grew during the study, so the company began testing the active ingredient, bimatoprost, specifically for growing eyelashes. It proved effective and the FDA approved it in December 2008. It is believed that the bimatoprost increases the anagen phase (that’s the growth phase) of the eyelashes.

This isn’t an overnight sensation, though. Latisse takes time. You apply the product nightly on the upper lash, as if it were eyeliner. The bimatoprost in Latisse stimulates the lashes to grow. The treatment works gradually, and your eyelashes will experience real growth over time, generally 12 to 16 weeks. But you must stay with it — once you start the treatment, the topical solution must be applied continuously each night until you achieve the desired results.

Impressive results

In tests, Latisse was shown to be effective in 78% of the participants at the end of the 16-week test period. Specifically, patients using Latisse experienced a:

  • 25% increase in lash length
  • 106% increase in lash thickness/fullness
  • 18% increase in lash darkness

Start growing your thicker lashes with Dr. Lee

Interested in having those long, dark eyelashes you’ve always wanted? Call us at (610) 789-6701 and schedule an appointment with Dr. Lee. He will see if Latisse could work for you.