CoolTone Cost: How Much Does It Cost for a Treatment with Dr. John Lee?

With the introduction of the muscle-building treatment known as CoolTone, many people were curious about the costs of the procedure. Read on to find out how much CoolTone costs as well as ways to save on the body contouring treatment.

What is it?

CoolTone is a body contouring treatment that tones muscles in the abs, buttocks, and thighs. It utilizes several electromagnetic coils that produce an EM field, which is then placed near the muscle mass that is to be treated. The muscles that encounter this energy start to expand and contract at superhuman speeds and intensities. This process is known as magnetic muscle stimulation (MMS) and can cause muscle tissue to contract over 20,000 times over one treatment session.

How Much Does it Cost?

Body contouring is a customizable treatment; therefore, CoolTone cost varies per patient. Nevertheless, the average treatment ranges in the neighborhood of $750 to $1000 per treatment. 

Important Points of Note

Contrary to popular belief, CoolTone’s price is predictable. Allergan is the manufacturer of the CoolTone machine and they specifically set the price range that CoolTone can cost. Spas performing the treatment must abide by these price points.

This means that price should not be a focal point when picking a spa or clinic. The concern at this point is to pick the most reputable and professional clinic. An obvious point would be to find the most skilled professional in the CoolTone procedure, who has a renowned record of accomplishment with previous treatments. You should also look for someone that cares about their patients more than about operating costs and affordability.

Saving on CoolTone Cost

Call the office of Dr. John Lee to learn about current specials and how to save on CoolTone cost.

One great way to save on the body contouring treatment is with package pricing.  CoolTone’s related treatment CoolSculpting is often offered together for optimal results. A bundle deal is often made if these two treatments are tied together.

How Much does CoolTone Cost in Philadelphia?

Dr. John Lee is one of the most established body contouring professionals in Philadelphia. For an exact quote on CoolTone Cost for you, please reach out to us. We frequently run specials from time to time, which you may qualify for. Please reach out to us via (610) 789-6701 or our contact form below, and we’ll schedule a complimentary consultation to help determine what plan is right for you.