As people age, their skin becomes lax and begins to sag, which can create a tired or droopy appearance in some individuals. Patients who wish to rejuvenate their eyes often focus on dropping eyelids, when in fact the brows are responsible for the change in appearance. In most cases, a brow lift can raise the eye brows and restore a youthful and refreshed look to the face. There are a number of options and techniques that can be used to perform a brow lift.

Types Of Brow Lift Procedures

  • Lateral brow lift: A minimally invasive procedure, the lateral brow lift can correct moderate drooping and heavy eyelids. A small incision is made in the hairline above the brow, and a suture is passed from the brow to the scalp to lift the brow up. The incision is well camouflaged in the hairline. This procedure takes about 30 minutes to perform in-office and usually requires less than a week of recovery time.
  • Endoscopic brow lift: An endoscopic brow lift is a more involved procedure as it not only lifts the brow, but elevates the entire forehead. Since it rejuvenates the entire top half of the face, patients may view this procedure as a partial facelift. During this procedure, the surgeon makes several small incisions in the hairline and then lifts the skin of the forehead creating a taught, smooth appearance. Most endoscopic brow lifts are performed in two hours and have a one week recovery period.
  • Direct brow lift: This straightforward procedure involves making an incision directly above the brow, removing a small amount of tissue, and using a suture to lift the brow. Since this method leaves a visible scar, it is usually performed on patients who are not concerned with scarring. This technique is often used in cases of facial paralysis or trauma.

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