For literally years I put off addressing my heavy undereye bags and dark circles because I was very concerned about any procedures which would involve my face. Instead I wasted time and money on every cream and concealer I could find until, finally, after turning 40 I realized I could no longer cover the bags with makeup and was tired of looking tired and decided to see Dr. Lee. At my consultation he was very honest with me and my biggest concern was the visible scars. I’m an ICU RN so I did tons of research after I left my consultation and after researching his skin tightening technique in the current literature, I came to the conclusion that his technique was the best option for me to avoid any complications resulting from lower eyelid retraction.

With butterflies in my belly I made my appointment.
The procedure itself was only mildly uncomfortable with short periods of pain during fat pad removal, I slept through most of it. The in-office procedure without general anesthesia was appealing to me as I did not want either the risks or recovery time required in the use of general anesthesia. Dr. Lee was reassuring the entire time and I was confident in the sterility and safety of his in-office procedure room.

I can honestly say my results EXCEEDED my expectations. I was able to easily cover the incision scars with makeup after one month and the procedure took years off my appearance. At 3 months post procedure, the scars are almost totally gone. DO NOT HESITATE to trust Dr. Lee, he is a perfectionist, an artist and a true professional. He was available through personal text for any concerns for months after surgery. I do not write many reviews and hesitate to share my opinion regarding doctors but I made an exception because Dr. Lee is a rare find and has earned his stellar reputation.