AMAZING RESULTS!!! Both sides of my family have heavy eye bags and mine have always bothered me.

When I searched for a doctor, I first consulted with one locally in NYC. His method was to make an incision along my lash line and required anesthesia- this translated to longer recovery, more expense, and the risk of the lower lid being pulled down. Due to the expenses of it alone, I searched for another doctor. Dr lee’s reviews were high and I was willing to drive 2 hours away.

At the initial consultation, he told me the procedure would be done transconjunctively – meaning he didn’t need to cut through the lash line since my skin is tight enough that he felt confident my skin would just bounce back. I’m so happy I asked for a second opinion. The crazy thing is that the doctor I saw in nyc was named one of the best doctors in the country in New Beauty magazine yet I was steered in the wrong way!

Fast forward – I’m beyond thrilled with the results. Completely transformative.

Aside from dr Lee’s technical skills as a surgeon, I felt comfortable with him. I felt he set realistic expectations. I also felt he was very accessible. He called me the next day to check up on me. Who does that?

His staff is amazing too. Friendly, helpful, and felt at ease with all of them.

I highly recommend Dr Lee.