Dr. Lee’s work represents excellence in oculoplastic for my double eyelid surgery.

I interviewed several plastic surgeons before going to see Dr. Lee. This was something I have wanted to do since I was 18 years old and knew what I wanted. The other doctors did not give me a sense of confidence that they could address my needs. I requested that I want to have a high crease, bigger eyes but natural. Dr. Lee’s professional and personable approach allowed me to see that he has extraordinary command of his profession. He immediately knew what I needed and knew what I wanted. Upon further exploration it became necessary to have full incision crease and epicanthoplasty. I was reassured to make sure I was getting the higher crease but I knew it would not look natural but Dr. Lee still managed to give me the higher crease and a natural look.
Throughout the process he kept me fully informed and was reassuring. I was pleased with every step of the process and even more so with the overall result. I am grateful beyond measure for his skill and precision. Now, I often receive compliments from total strangers about my beautiful eyes.

To sum up my experience with Dr. John Lee I would choose these words, extraordinary precision measured against the highest standards in the profession, delivered with compassion and kindness.
To Date I still see Dr. Lee for my botox and filler treatments to sculpt my face.

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