Temple Mid Facelift | Facial Plastic Surgery Philadelphia, PA

Mini Facelift and Temple Browlift was invented by Dr. Lee to complement his filler treatments by providing an uplifted and tighter foundation; the result is uplifted cheeks, pulled lateral brow/temple area and noticeable improvement or tightness in the nasal labial folds, jowls and jawline. Dr. Lee perfected this method after many years of working with dis-solvable sutures and PDO threads and realizing they were not effective and long lasting. This surgical procedure is performed under local injections in the office in less than 2 hours. This procedure is performed using multiple permanent sutures pulled upwards using a small incision above the ear in the scalp; recovery is minimal and the incision is not visible since it’s hidden in the scalp. Patients can drive themselves to and from our office after the procedure but many elect to have sedatives and having a driver accompany them; results will typically last 2-3 years; **For limited time, we are including the Infini RF needling laser for the lower face and neck area ($850 value) to help maintain the result of this treatment for a longer period.

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